Eau De Stinky Celebrity Perfume Ads

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You haven’t really made it in Hollywood unless everyone in the world wants to smell like you. While I’m sure some celebrity scents smell alright, can anyone tell me why their ads have to stink so badly? I mean, do they make them embarrassing on purpose? The latest celeb scent and accompanying ludicrous print campaign to hit your local Sephora is eau de Kim Kardashian. I haven’t had the great pleasure of the Kardashian olfactory experience just yet, but her new ad describes the scent as “The voluptuous new fragrance.” Just what exactly does “voluptuous” smell like? I’m picturing the sweet scent of bottled sweat harvested from between Kim’s heaving cleavage. The ad features Kardashian mostly naked, heavily made up, masterfully airbrushed to look curvy yet still thin, and dressed to resemble some kind of circus bird perching in a ring. I don’t get it. Is the scent supposed to make you want to fly the coop or join the Ringling Brothers? [People]

After the jump, an analysis of some more really embarrassing celebrity perfume ads.

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