Denmark Wants You To Have Sex With Its Women!

The Danish tourism board has taken a certain non-traditional approach with attracting visitors to their fertile shores. In this video, Karen casually searches for the tourist father of her baby. She doesn’t remember his name, or really need anything from him; she simply wants to be able to identify a father for her baby. But don’t worry, potential baby-daddies, this lady is no slut. She knows you’re the father (once she finds you) because you are the only one she’s been with in two years.A little strange, no? Dorte Kiilerich, the CEO of thinks “Karen’s story shows that Denmark is a free place with space for you to be who you want. The film is good exposure for Danish self-sufficient and dignified women.” Not that Karen’s story shows that men should feel compelled to come for consequence-free sex with beautiful young women who are waiting specifically for them. Because that’s what all self-sufficient and dignified women do. Wait two years to have sex, and then do it without protection with a nameless stranger.

Thanks for the creepy video, Denmark! [Boing Boing]