7 Chic Faux Headboard Ideas

fake headboards g1 jpg
One of my friends says you’re not really an adult unless your bed has a headboard, rather than sitting on the frame that comes free when you bought the mattress. While headboards give bedrooms a more finished look that says, “I don’t live in a dorm room anymore,” they can get freaking expensive. Plus, they’re cumbersome to move if you don’t stay in the same apartment for longer than a year. That’s why a headboard is one of the few things in life we’ll allow you to fake. Click through for seven ideas for creating the illusion of a piece of furniture behind your pillowcases.

Above, Blik’s Nessa Headboard Wall Decal, $40, comes in eight colors, and installing it is as simple as peeling off some backing and slapping the sticker on your wall. If this contemporary frame isn’t your style, they also have a classic wrought iron headboard and a mod circle headboard. [Blik]

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