Single Ladies Rejoice! Living With Someone Causes Weight Gain

Dang it, we knew there had to be a trade-off for getting sex on demand when you live with a partner: A recent Australian study of 6,000 women has shown that, after 10 years, the average gal gains 15 lbs. if she lives with a partner and 20 lbs. if she lives with someone and has a baby. According to The New York Times, “There is no reason to believe that having a partner causes metabolic changes, so the weight gain among childless women with partners was almost surely caused by altered behavior.” You know, like those post-coital pints of Cherry Garcia.

To be fair, not all the weight gain can be attributed to your dude: The average single, childless women still gained 11 lbs. over time. But some women absolutely change their eating and exercise behaviors when they move in with a guy (in my case, going to yoga less, eating more ice cream and diner pancakes) and settle into that cozy, “I’m so in love and we have a baby together!” spot. A 2008 study showed sex might cause weight gain, too. Um, what?

But let’s not discount the good that comes from living—and eating—with a partner. Your boo might expose you to more nutritious foods than you’re used to eating. You might cool it with the Cheez Doodles because he is on a diet. Or he might cook balanced meals for you, extinguishing your single girl habit of eating potato chips and onion dip for dinner. Hmm, maybe that was just my single girl habit. [New York Times]