Newsflash: Black Clothes Make You Look Like Crap

Brace yourselves, girls. Experts have found yet another culprit to accuse in the “it’s bad for you” blame game, and this time, it’s your signature color. Some yahoo claims that wearing black means you might as well hole up like a hobbit and keep your ugly mug hidden away from the world, because the color (or lack of? whatever) makes you look like hell. Not only is it supposedly aging, but it “can highlight dark lines under the chin, shadows around the eyes and wrinkles on the face, colour consultants say,” even though they’re quick to acknowledge that it remains the most universally figure-flattering hue of all time. Huh. Sounds like the old ass or your face maxim has reared its ugly, um, head again. Their solution? If you insist on wearing black, accessorize with a nice colorful hat, necklace or scarf to brighten your sunken, shriveled face. Phew, that was a close one! [Daily Mail]