Cool Hobby Alert: Subversive Cross-Stitching

Traditional cross-stitching was one hobby I never really understood. I mean, are fabled unicorns so important that I should want to spend hours or even days memorializing them in thread? I don’t think so. But now that I can express my bitchy side, cross-stitching is a hobby I have to try. The kits from Subversive Cross Stitch help you tell people off without uttering a word. Messages like “Bitch, please!” “Shut Your Piehole,” and “Don’t Make Me Cut You” will let everyone know you’re not to be messed with. But you can also show your sweeter side with a framed “candy ass.” The kits include everything you’ll need for your new pastime, including fabric, thread, pattern, and instructions. So get stitching already! [Subversive Cross Stitch]