Bristol Palin Gets A Big Girl Job, Opening Her Own PR Firm

Perhaps Bristol Palin was upset that everyone from Tiger Woods’ mistresses to the woman accusing Shaquille O’Neal of harassment was running to spin doctress Gloria Allred for their scandal-busting needs. Because now Bristol is starting her own public relations and lobbying firm. Rachel Maddow dug deep to get the scoop on the new firm, which is called BSMP—short for Bristol Sharon Marie Palin. Bristol recently filed to incorporate the business, and it sure looks like it’s legit since the signature on the paperwork is a dead ringer for the tattoo of Bristol’s signature that Levi Johnston got on his finger. Bristol—who’s 19 and only has a high school diploma—already has her first client, the pro-abstinence Candie’s Foundation. She could start taking on new clients soon, or she could have gone through the legal rigamarole to save some tax money. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. [Media Bistro]