Beware If Your Name Begins With The Letter “D”

I know this sounds like some kind of title for a bad horror film, but scientists have discovered that the letter your name begins with can actually affect your lifespan. A study done at Wayne State University looked at the life spans of 10,000 people and concluded that those people whose names began with the letter “D” had a shorter average life span. Even weirder? People whose names started with the letter “A” (that’s me!!) tended to outlive the “D’s” by an average of 10 years. How could this be possible? Psychologists theorize that the “D” peeps feel crappier about themselves because the letter “D” is often associated with academic failure. Consequently, their poor self-esteem makes them more susceptible to illness. Whereas the “A” peeps tend to think they’re the awesomest. I wonder what the deal is with people whose names being with the letter “F”? I shudder to think. My condolences to Deborah, Daniel, Danielle, Dawn, Donald, etc. [Asylum]

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