Andrew From “Real World D.C.” Likes To Draw Rape-y Cartoons

Cartoonist Andrew Woods, the most irritating cast member on MTV’s “Real World: D.C.,” is even more unscrewable than originally thought. Amanda Hess at The Sexist ransacked his student newspaper archives and found that a bunch of Woods’ cartoons are about date-raping women. Yes, rape, the most giggly of topics! Wannabe-brodawg Andrew’s oeuvre damn near entirely consists of cartoons about liquoring women up so he can get laid, which is very much in the style of Tucker Max’s body of work: women + too much alcohol + scampish naughtiness = pushing the borderlines of consent as a “joke.”

Let’s check out Andrew’s rape-y cartoons, after the jump! I know we’ve been warned about Andrew from the moment he announced in the first “Real World” episode that he’d been kicked off the The Rocky Mountain Collegian for “purposely trying to offend women and lesbians.” And I personally find a lot of off-color satire can actually be funny, like the skits on “Saturday Night Live” or anything by Margaret Cho.

But young Andrew is not much of a satirist, I’m afraid. Andrew is what we in the media world call a “fameballer”—someone who performs attention-getting stunts to try to draw attention to their work. Andrew appears to be that particularly douche-y brand of immature, male fameballer who tries to be “provocative” by being purposefully offensive to women. (I know of what I speak on this subject, unfortunately.) As you’ll see, none of his cartoons are what you’d call salient social commentary, nor is his humor particularly innovative or witty:

This one says, “Seducing women doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal, just funnel some cheap vodka into half a bottle of sparking cider … as long as it looks like champagne, she’ll drink it!”

In this one, the woman says, “Wrong hole, you idiot!” In the next panel the man says, “See, this is why I didn’t ask, cause I knew you’d freak out!” and the woman is leaving bed in a huff.

In this one, a woman is with a police officer, pointing at a man and saying, “That’s the man who touched me, officer.” In the next panel, the cop has the man cuffed and is putting him into a squad car. The man says, “In my defense, she was way too drunk to really remember last night!” and the cop says, “Yeah, just keep incriminating yourself.”

Hilarious! Amirite, bro?

You know, I thought his holier-than-thou “Real World: D.C.” cast mate, Ashley, was a pain in the ass the first episode. But now I’m hoping—praying!—she goes for Andrew’s jugular at some point this season. The boy needs a reality check. [The Sexist]