An Easy Trick To Get J.Lo’s High Donut Bun

Celebs are all about the super-high buns these days—January Jones was spotted with one, so were Rachel Bilson and Cameron Diaz. Now, J.Lo has joined the fray with this big donut-type bun. What do you think? Want to try it out? I’ll let you in on a secret—it looks hard, but one little trick makes it oh-so-easy to do yourself, and you’ve got one laying around the house. The secret weapon, after the jump … Use a sock! Yeah, really. Basically, you make the donut-hole shape by using a sock as your template. First, find a thick, unmatched sock you don’t care about any more and cut off the toe part. Now that the sock’s open on both ends, roll the remaining portion into a circular tube. It should resemble a donut shape when you’re through—the thicker your rolled sock, the thicker your bun, so if you don’t want such a pronounced donut bun, un-roll your sock, snip off a bit and re-roll. OK. Now, gather your hair into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic and pull your pony through the center of the rolled sock. Spread your hair over the edges of the sock, around the donut shape, completely covering the sock and hold everything in place with another elastic. Got remaining hair? Need a little tweaking? Wind it around the base of the bun and tuck and bobby-pin it in place. Hairspray. Done!