3-D TV Sets Are Coming To An Electronic Store Near You

In case you haven’t heard, the recession is over and in celebration, everyone is throwing out their brand-new LCD plasma TVs to make room for the new $2,000 3-D sets! JK. But that’s seemingly where technology companies think we’re headed. Manufacturers and cable programmers are already working to develop the TV sets and new channels to flood the 3-D market, partially in thanks to the box-office success of “Avatar.” Starting in June, ESPN promises to broadcast World Cup and NBA games in 3-D and Discovery, IMAX, and Sony are joining forces to create a channel with natural history, movies, sports, music and other programming. They’re trying to make it so you don’t have to wear special glasses to watch, but that’s looking unlikely—so it’s predicted that two pairs of “techie goggles” will be included with the set and additional pairs will cost up to $100. [NY Times]

The question is, are Americans willing to throw down that hunk of change for a whole new TV just after plasma TVs became the norm? And that took ten years to catch on! The 3-D channels will probably add an additional charge to subscribers” bills, on top of the cost of a new TV and 3-D glasses. Plus, filming in 3-D is more expensive because it requires two connected cameras, which capture different images that are layered to create depth. But the industry is pushing for the move. An analyst at research firm iSuppli says, “I think 90 percent of the males in this country would be dying to watch the Super Bowl and be immersed in it. But you don’t necessarily want the ladies of ‘The View’ sitting around you when you watch them.” Truer words have never been spoken.

I guess it would be pretty amazing to watch “Planet Earth” in 3D, but I heard somewhere that if you watch it stoned, it basically adds another dimension. In conclusion, I’m going to point out the obvious and remind everyone that ACTUAL LIFE IS IN 3-D. Not to be anti-future or anything, but what if instead of laying down $2,000 for a TV, you took your entire family to a football game or the beach or Canada. You can see some sights and buy some food, because as far as I’m concerned, real life is pretty OK. Until a TV can take care of all of the senses, Willy Wonka-style, why bother upgrading?