Willow Smith & Other Celeb Kids’ Hairstyles

willow smith hair photo
Some folks were horrified when the footage from the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony showed Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada Smith, wearing what was deemed a too-adult hairstyle. Half of Willow’s head was shaved in a style similar to Cassie‘s buzz cut that had the blogosphere whirling last year. The controversy, however, was unnecessary. How else is Willow supposed to make a name for herself when her father is a huge superstar and her brother Jaden Smith is already following in his dad’s footsteps? Also, if she were a boy, people probably wouldn’t have been so upset. Even her stylist, Marcia Hamilton, doesn’t understand all the hoopla. Here’s what she toldEssence.com:
“Willow’s cut was a decision made between her and Jada, and I executed their vision,” says Hamilton. “Willow’s a fierce little girl with energy, imagination and spunk. We wanted to give her a look that represented all of those things, and was easy to care for. Once I started cutting, Willow actually requested the clippers! Look, it’s 2010. Can’t our little girls move into the future without ruffling feathers? The look is fun, empowering, anti-relaxer and anti-weave. More women need to steer their little girls in this direction. If your child is a forward-thinker, you should guide her instead of smothering her.”

Celeb kids seem to have the luxury of doing some major experimenting with their hair at an early age. See which ones go the edgy route and which choose to stay classically adorable.

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