Which Bachelorette Shagged The Producer?

Even before last night’s season premiere of “The Bachelor,” thanks to weeks of speculation and Chris Harrison’s loose lips, we knew that one of the contestants was—surprise!—getting down and dirty with a producer, right under Jake’s nose. Since we’re already sick of the aviation puns and can’t stand the thought of having to watch the full season to find out which girl did the naughty, let’s make some guesses, shall we? We know it’s not Michelle, the girl who doesn’t blink and had a meltdown when she didn’t get one-on-one time with Jake—she crazy, and what producer, if given the smorgasbord of female options, would choose her? And it probably isn’t Corrie, the virgin. So who are our best guesses?
Rozlyn Papa. The obvious choice. Just like we were right to distrust Wes when he whipped out his guitar and revealed he was a country singer—in other words, his endgame in life is fame—we couldn’t help but notice that Rozlyn mentioned three times that she’s a model. Yeah, we get it. Seems like she’s on the show for the notoriety more than for Jake, meaning she might not turn down a producer’s advances.

Ali Fedotowsky. Chris Harrison let us know that the offending bachelorette is a finalist on the show. Ali, the advertising account exec from Massachusetts, got the most screen time in the season preview and was shown making out with Jake on a few occasions, meaning she made it pretty far in the show. The sweet girl with the fear of flying seems to be the clear fan favorite, but she’d also be the most shocking if she wasn’t faithful.

Gia Allemand. I distrust her for the same reason I distrust Ali—she’s not just a model but a swimsuit model and a quick Google search turned up some nearly nakey photos. In other interesting news about her, she was once engaged to pitcher Carl Pavano. The reason Gia hits the radar screen is that they didn’t show her looking shocked in the montage of the night of the big revelation. [For the record, I love Gia and I really hope it’s not her. — Editor]

Tenley Molzahn. Tenley got the first impression rose last night and was also shown in the season preview locking lips with Jake, meaning she also sticks around for a while. And what’s that saying? Oh yeah, watch out for the sweet ones.

Who do you think it is?

Also, I’m hoping some info about this producer surfaces soon. Chris Harrison isn’t letting us know who it is, or if he and the offending bachelorette are still together. “Would that count on our tally as one of our couples?” he joked.