Sadie Frost Goes Naked Sans Airbrushing

We’ve loved Sadie Frost ever since she played the scene-stealing Lucy against Winona Ryder’s Mina in “Dracula,” but here in the States, we don’t hear much about the British actress, except when her name is associated with her ex, Jude Law, whom we’ve heard entirely altogether too much about. That’s why we were surprised to see her today, all of her. The 44-year-old not only guest-edited Grazia magazine, but she also stripped down for a photo shoot. (Talk about multi-tasking.)Of the perfectly imperfect nakey pic, she said:

“I want to make a big point here. It’s not about taking my clothes off and using digital trickery to make me look slimmer. I’m like any other woman. I have bits I like — my boobs, my shoulders, my arms — and bits I don’t — my bum and my stomach.”

That’s right, no airbrushing. She also swears she’s avoided the surgery route, having been tempted to tuck her under-eye bags in the past. She’s settled on using frozen peas instead. We knew Sadie was the coolest. (If you want to see her ass crack, click the link for the not as safe for work image.) [Daily Mail]