Kate Winslet Is A Heavenly Creature

According to a survey of 2,000 British women, Kate Winslet has the “Most Desired Body of the Decade.” This newfound title makes me giddy for a number of reasons—I’ve been a worshipper at the temple of Kate forever. Sure, her body is amazing and she’s obviously a goddess, but what I think makes her so amazing is her love and acceptance of herself. As a woman, especially a woman in Hollywood, that is no easy feat. Yet she has never waivered, which makes her a true role model. Kate is always comfortable in her skin, always at home in her body, always navigating gracefully through her life. No wonder many women want to be her. I remember when I first saw Kate in the Peter Jackson film “Heavenly Creatures.” I would like to describe the experience as a “girl crush,” but it was more than that. It was an affirmation. Kate wasn’t like all those other waif-thin actresses with long blonde hair. She wasn’t mass produced. Kate and her body were attainable, accessible. I can be like her, I thought.

By “Sense and Sensibility,” and “Titanic,” I was kind of in love. I watched both movies over and over, again being jealous of her beauty and trying to get to the essence of how she was able to bring the right combination of strength, passion, and edginess to traditional leading female roles. When she was nominated for an Oscar, I rejoiced and when she was criticized for being “too fat,” I felt personally attacked. Mess with Kate and you’re messing with me. But Kate didn’t crawl into a dark corner and disappear; she handled the criticism like a pro. She publicly announced that she thought the criticisms were silly and that she loved her body.

And then she put her money where her mouth was in the little known indie film “Holy Smoke.” The film explored deep themes such as spirituality, sexuality, gender and love, so it made sense for Kate to get totally nude, right? Full frontal. No body double. Like NAKED. I had seen a lot of naked women in movies before, but Kate was the first who had a real body. And whoa. It was a body. That ought to have shut all the haters up. But it didn’t. But how did Kate respond? She got it on with the Marquis de Sade in “Quills.” Go Kate!

If fat accusations don’t kill your career in Hollywood, motherhood, divorce, remarriage, and more motherhood could. But it didn’t for Kate. Instead of smearing her personal life across the front of the ‘bloids (she kept quiet) or getting Botox and lipo (she’s anti both) after having a babies, Kate simply came back on the scene flaunting her natural hotness more than ever. She transitioned seamlessly into playing slightly older kick-ass women in films like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Little Children,” and “Finding Neverland,” to name a few. Last year Kate managed to knock it out of the park (both in hotness and in talent) with “Revolutionary Road” and “The Reader.” Ummm … yeah … she earned a double Oscar nom.

I can only hope as her career goes on, Kate and her desirable body will continue to show us how to embrace aging gracefully and to love ourselves just as we are. [Celebitchy]

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