Jake Gyllenhaal Tries to Win Back Reese Witherspoon With Dinnerware

In Touch is reporting that in an effort to woo Reese Witherspoon back, ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal sent her $75,000 in vintage dinnerware as a Christmas gift. ““He isn’t giving up without a fight,” a friend of his tells In Touch. I don’t know who this says more about — Reese or Jake — that he thought a bunch of expensive old plates would win back her heart. I mean, can you just hear it? Reese: “Well, I really thought it was over. He moved out. We spent the holidays apart. I explained to the kids that he wouldn’t be around anymore. But then I got a box of old plates. From France! And now I’m just not sure where things stand …”

So, let’s hear it; I’m sure you guys have your own stories: What have former flames done to try to win back your heart? And were they successful? [via In Touch]