Has American Apparel Gone Preppy?

Is that … could these really be … American Apparel models? But they’re not wearing plaid, thick glasses, or neon. These boys actually look kind of preppy. And dare we even say it? Hot.

Among American Apparel’s latest men’s collection are some decidedly non-hipster looks that we haven’t quite seen from the retailer before. Among the styles are collegiate blouse/sweater combos and smart, fitted pants. All in all, these buttoned-up dudes look less like they just came from an MGMT concert, but rather like they’re off to Poly Sci 202 at Harvard. Could it be that American Apparel is embracing “alternative” fashions?When we looked closer, however, we also found some laughable mustachioed lumberjacks and tie-dyed jeans in the “New Styles” section, which would suggest that AA is still pushing the costumed hipster look just as much. If that’s the case, then are these preppy styles meant to be ironic? And, therefore, hipster-friendly? Aw, crap. [American Apparel]