7 Things To Know About Matt Kemp, Rihanna’s New Man

Matt Kemp was spotted at Rihanna’s New Year’s Eve performance in Dubai, and then photos confirmed the couple was in Mexico together shortly after that. Matt sure is grabbing a handful of RiRi in the pic above. But who is this guy? If you’re a baseball fan, then you probably know a bit about Matt, who is the LA Dodgers’ sexiest center fielder. But for those of us who don’t count baseball as our favorite pastime, find out a few facts about the 25-year-old slugger after the jump.

  1. Matt is going into salary arbitration this winter and could make as much as $4.7 million in 2010.
  2. He says his perfect match is “independent, pretty, and [has] good teeth.”
  3. Matt used to date another singer — R&B’s LeToya Luckett.
  4. He’s an Oklahoma native and wishes the people there would eat better.
  5. Matt is an LA Lakers fan, just like Rihanna.
  6. You can follow him on Twitter.
  7. And Matt’s nickname is “The Bison.”

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