What’re We Nailin’ This Week: New Year’s Crystal Ball

Honey, if only I had a crystal ball that could tell me what was going to happen in 2010! But, I’ll just have to make do and look fabu with my nail art version of the ball they drop on NYE in Time Square. It’s so sparkly, I cannot resist it’s shiny powers. So, I decided to paint a portrait of it on my favorite canvas, my digits. Here’s how I blinged in 2010 after the jump!

To get this fresh n’ fancy look, you’re gonna need:

  • 12-14 Clear Rhinestones
  • Nail Glue
  • Black Polish
  • Silver Nail Art Polish
  • Your Trusty Top Coat

First, I outlined where I was going to put the rhinestones, basically a daisy shape: one dot in the middle surrounded by 5 or 6 dots. Then drew a line through the middle. As you can see from my busted freehand, any uneveness is cool ’cause you’re gonna cover it up with rhinestones. Or just draw the line and say eff the rest of it. I just have bad spacial perception, no need to tell you the trouble that’s gotten me into in the sack!

Add the rhinestones with the nail glue, then seal it with a New Year’s Eve kiss of top coat. Mwah! Fabulous.

Girl, you know I’m one flashy mofo. So, the rhinestones really weren’t enough crazy design for me. I added some simple silver streaks in the corner of each nail. And I really must say: “Ah, I’m blinded by the light!” JK. Seriously, I can’t stop looking at my shiny nails. Luckily, I type for a living so I get to watch them do a shimmer dance across my keyboard. 2010 is already lookin’ good!