Quick Tip Of The Day: Warm Your Core And Your Body Will Follow

When the temperature gets down below 30, all attempts at looking good go out the window. I put tights under my jeans, layer three pairs of socks, and wear a knit hat that messes up my hair. One of the bad things about layering is that putting a thick, long-sleeved sweater under a coat can result in that awful, stuffed-sausage feeling and an inability to move your arms the way you normally do. To give yourself a wider range of motion, put a thin, insulated vest under your coat instead of tons of long-sleeved layers. Your core will be warm, and your arms won’t be impeded. And, lucky for you, outdoorsy companies like Land’s End and L.L.Bean are having post-holiday sales just as the real cold sets in. [Polarthin Insulator Vest, $24.99 on sale, Land’s End]