OTK, VBL, TFFF—WTF?: The Frisky Guide To Fashion Acronyms

There are some fashion acronyms so standard—LBD, VPL—that women use them with the same ease as LOL and OMG (although, come to think of it, don’t those sound a bit vintage now?). The UK’s Guardian has explained some of the more obscure ones, which are sure to challenge your style vocabulary. There’s OTK (over the knee), VBS (visible bra strap) and TFFF (too fat for fashion.) Come now, children, that is just plain silly.

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. After the jump, our attempt at some fashion acronyms and nicknames you will hopefully never use. (And if you do, trust us, no one will understand you.) [Guardian.co.uk]

  • TAP: tights as pants
  • FDB: fake designer bag
  • MTA: muffin top action
  • CMFPs: come f**k me pumps
  • WiFi: wearing it for action (or for “ass,” you get the point)
  • AAA: apparel addicts anonymous
  • McQs: ridiculously high heels (à la Alexander McQueen)
  • FADD: fashionistas against dowdy dressing