Meet Pilot Jake’s Bachelorettes!

Tonight, “The Bachelor”‘s 14th season premieres — it’s, gag, called “The Wings Of Love” — and I, against my better judgment, will be liveblogging the episode each week. I am hoping and praying that if our Bachelor, Pilot Jake (who made a splash on last season’s Bachelorette, Jillian Harris), does indeed bring the boring, as I expect he will, his legion of drooling bachelorettes will at least provide the crazy. If the look of insanity in their eyes is any indication of their potential to make drama, I’m hoping Ella and Kirsten are around for a while. But of course, eventually the bunny boilers are weeded out and we’ll be left with Pilot Jake’s faves. Last season I pretty capably picked a few of the favorites before the first episode aired and this season I’m trying again, with only my gut instinct to guide me. After the jump, the six bachelorettes to keep an eye on.


23, Wardrobe Consultant, Birmingham, AL

Why She’s One To Watch: She’s Southern and while she’s blonde (unlike Jillian), she’s a more natural-looking blonde than the others. She also looks not-insane.


29, Captain in the Air National Guard, Union, KY

Why She’s One To Watch: Because she is also Southern and she can fly s**t too, just like Jake. Plus, she’s a little older, which, in theory, should make her more mature.


26, Swimsuit Model, NYC

Why She’s One To Watch: Well, duh, she’s sexy. So sexy I want to do her, sort of. Bitch is going far. I can tell.


25, Corporate Flight Attendant, Lexington, KY

Why She’s One To Watch: She’s got the Southern roots, and as a flight attendant, she understands why flying planes makes Jake a HERO.


25, Commercial Pilot, Scottsdale, AZ

Why She’s One To Watch: Well, she’s got that beautiful, virginal look that dudes like Jake love. Plus, she and Jake have the same job and that’s all you need to have in common for sparks to fly on “The Bachelor.”


28, Model/Makeup Artist, Richmond, VA

Why She’s One To Watch: She’s one of the oldest and the prettiest of the bunch, and she doesn’t have the look of cray-cray in her eyes. I just get good vibes off of this one.