These Wacky Japanese Beauty Products May Be Headed Your Way

When it comes to beauty products (and fashion, for that matter), you can always count on Japan for crazy out-there trends. And with a new decade comes new inventions, and more ways to spend money on your appearance. These inventions are already a big hit in Japan, so they have a fair chance of being repackaged and sold here. Just what beauty gizmos might your hard-earned cash go toward this year? Well, let’s see, there’s …

  • Beauty Voice Trainer: Everyone hates the way their voice actually sounds, but until now voice lessons were the only way to change your intonation. With the help of this contraption, you’ll learn to retrain your tongue so you’ll breathe through your abdomen, eventually leading to a prettier voice.
  • Waist-Shaping Cushion: Crunches, while a necessary workout exercise, are quite universally loathed. If you’re already sitting on an exercise ball to strengthen your core, here’s another option. The waist-shaping cushion will not only give you better posture, but slim your core, meaning crunches could be gone for good.
  • Head Refresher Massage Device: This fancy new hairbrush supposedly stimulates your blood flow.
  • Beau Bust Roller: If you’re not pleased with the size of your bra cup, and push ups don’t do the trick, this battery-powered tool may help out. The electro-stimulator claims to increase the size of your boobs, along with the help of bust cream and diagrams.
  • Akaishi Face Massager: Wrinkles be gone. While some rely on creams to smooth away the age lines, here’s a contraption that claims to do the trick. Massage away with the four prongs and say goodbye to the wrinkles.
  • Aluminum Facial Spa: Essentially a steam bath, this facial treatment combines a helmet and foil to open pores while combining the power of metal for a fresh-looking complexion.

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