How To Cure A Hangover For Under $5

While we usually head straight for a bacon-laden brunch after a big night of drinking, health and fitness expert Coach Kendra has convinced us that we can kick our hangovers without clogging our arteries or opening our wallets. How? By doing these three key things:

  1. Sip a sports drink full of electrolytes (like Vitamin Water) and, of course, hydrate with regular water.
  2. Nosh on some fruit, like a banana, and/or eat some yogurt.
  3. Take a short walk in the fresh air.

That’s all? Can do! Although, we’d add a couple Bayer aspirin to the mix. But no matter how tempting, Coach Kendra warns us to avoid coffee. Sheesh, that’ll take some serious restraint, especially in the morning! But hey, anything beats a heinous headache, right?