Emily’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Silence + Noise gray cardigan
  • Gap striped tank top
  • thrifted red skirt
  • gray sweater tights
  • Urban Outfitters red heels
  • Grandma’s leaf necklace
  • J.Crew Timex watch

I pretty much live in skirts and yellow tights; although today I’m wearing thicker gray sweater tights because it’s freezing out. (That said, I am not wearing a warm enough cardigan, so I’m toasty on the bottom and cold on top.) This skirt is my new favorite. I bought it at one of my favorite thrift stores just outside of Philadelphia and I usually pair it with a gray t-shirt, but this weekend I decided to try it with this striped tank top and I am loving it! I feel very nautical today, so maybe instead of taking the train home, I’ll boat back to Philly.