The Clairvoyant Between Your Legs

This goes under the category of “What is happening to sex?”

Having recently read a curious post on the blog Why Women Hate Men, I have decided to take on the topic of the clitoris, oral sex, and some men’s obtuseness as it concerns this prized activity technically known as cunnilingus (a name that I once gave a puppy and, sadly, it stuck).

The post lacerated a 19-year-old guy in Las Vegas for writing a personal ad promising to bring delight to all whom responded to his free offer for unparalleled oral sex (his assessment). There was only one exception — “smelly ugly girls” need not apply. Ah, a man of such discernment. Now as seasoned, sexy women, we immediately write this impish knave off as the tongue-stud ass he truly is. While at the same time taking pause to consider: Is the state of oral sex so bad out there that some jerk thinks this is the only advertising claim he need make? One clit-licking offer, and boom, he’s the Tongue Man of the century?

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