Steal This Super Easy, Casual Hairdo

So, we all have those days—the days where your hair is slightly greaseball, a little bedhead-y and you just don’t want to deal. (And if I had to guess, a few of those downtime-filled days are coming up for everyone? Hopefully.) Instead of just throwing up your hair into a tight ponytail, where it’s pretty obvious you haven’t seen a bottle of shampoo in a day or two, utilize the magical hiding powers of the high bun, like Diane Kruger, above. Loving her casual cool ‘do—and loving even more that it’s a snap to do it yourself. Here’s how…Part your hair either straight down the center (like Diane) or to the side. The part gives this a bit more of a “I tried” look, in my opinion. Anyway, brush hair together and up, pulling hair in back of your ears, then gathering the remaining hair and pulling up to the spot on your head you want the bun to rest. Hold with one hand and don’t freak if you’ve got little hair bumps and a little extra height at the crown—that’s the point. Now, begin to twist and pin with bobby pins as you form a bun—I usually use anywhere from three to five big bobby pins for my not that thick hair. Hair should feel secure, and if not, add an extra pin. If you’re wanting a little bit more of a roughed up look, gently pull small pieces of hair looser or out of the bun. Done!