What Will Be In Your Makeup Bag In 2010?

Turquoise has already been named the color of 2010, but what about your beauty options for the new year? Mintel Beauty Innovation has just named the four beauty trends you may be trying shortly. Read on to see their predictions.

  1. Mood Beauty: When before you’d take Tylenol to feel better, now apply more makeup. Yup, come 2010 your foundation may actually change the way you feel, while your night cream could cause you to sleep better.
  2. Nu Natural: With an increase in education regarding the chemicals we put in our body, obviously the beauty industry will follow suit. Be prepared for your makeup to become even greener, more organic, and free of dangerous ingredients.
  3. Pro-Tech’t: Your sunscreen should shiver in fear, because in 2010 it’s going to be replaced with an even stronger option.
  4. Turbo Beauty 4G: Beauty goes high tech. Forget going to the spa for treatments or the doctor for cosmetic surgery, there are going to be plenty more home alternatives.
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