The Baby-Sitters Club Is Back!

If you were anywhere near as dorky in middle school as the Frisky staff, you passed many an hour not on the phone with boys and instead reading The Baby-Sitters Club. Each one was only about 200 pages but the series seemed endless. The Baby-Sitters Club was published from 1986 to 2000, when all the books went out of print … until now.Scholastic just announced it will reissue two slightly rewritten books in the series. Plus, the series’ main author, Ann M. Martin, will publish a “prequel,” The Summer Before, about what happened to Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey before the Baby-Sitters Club formed. Scholastic also plans to reissue three other Baby-Sitters Club books in late 2010. Woo hoo!

We’re dying to know what “slightly rewritten” means—modernized for today’s technologically savvy kiddies? Will Mary Anne “sext” with her boyfriend Logan? Will Stacy flirt with Kristy’s older brother, Sam, on IM? Will Kristy’s rich stepdad drive a Prius? And will Claudia still have that junk food habit, given today’s stigma around trans fats?

I just might humiliate myself, stroll into Barnes & Noble and find out. [New York Times]

The Frisky last wrote about The Baby-Sitters Club in the post “McSweeney’s Dreams Up The Baby-Sitters Club: The College Years.”