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Don't Be This Guy: The Creepy "Georgetown Cuddler"
15 Reasons She Won't Have Sex With You After A Great Date
Do You Abide By The "No White After Labor Day" Rule?
Britain's Oldest Husband Dies Holding Wife's Hand
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: R-Patz And Kristen Engaged? Dean Mooching Off Tori?
The Trojan 2GO Makes Buying Condoms More Discreet
Quick Pic: Carrie Bradshaw Has A Bette Midler Moment
Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Fix A Relationship With A Scorpio?
Indonesian Beauty Chain Uses Hairy Advertising Tactics
"Youth Knows No Pain" Explores Our Obsession With Staying Young Forever
Best Hangover Cures: Water, Advil, And ... Asparagus?!
Chic Dresses That Actually Cover Up Your Naughty Bits
Sept. 2: What Are People Wearing Today?
25 Words And Phrases We Want To Retire
Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair Smear Piece Calls Sarah Palin A Crappy Mom & Wife
Quote Of The Day: Kristen Stewart On Getting Nakey In Her New Flick
What's Your Haircut Horror Story?
London Mayor Boris Johnson Is Elle UK's New Cover Boy
A Mother-Daughter Prostitution Ring?
Mind Of Man: The Number One Lesson I Will Teach My Future Son About Women
How Old Is Too Old When It Comes To Miniskirts?
Laura Ling And Euna Lee Tell The Tale Of How They Ended Up In North Korea
Eliot Spitzer May Be Considering Running For Office; Ashley Dupre's Mother Calls BS
Catholic Church Wants You To Pray Then &%$#
5 Things I'd Do Differently If I Re-Lived My Single Life
Did Nina Ricci Rip Off Those Heel-Less High Heels From A Fetish Designer?
New Gucci Spot Reveals Models Can Speak
Star Couplings: The Halle Berry Second Baby Rumors Continue
Rachel Zoe: "Driver, Are We In A Car?"
Are You Afraid Of Weird Stuff?
The PMS Bill Of Rights
Quick Pic: Levi Johnston Gives Sarah Palin The Stink Eye
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Bald Guys
The Sickest Doc Martens We've Ever Seen
These Rings Look Good Enough To Eat (But Please Don't)
Kiss and Tell: We Know Which Celebrities Suck In The Sack And Which Ones Don't
Quickies: Don't Say "That's Hot" Or You'll Get Sued & The Disney-Marvel Mashups Begin
Fried Food Grease Makes Cute Soap And Candles!
Sneak Peek: Stella McCartney Sunglasses
Today's Lady News: Young OB/GYNs Worry About Doing Abortions
Cobbler Vs. New Shoes: Which Is The Better Value?
A Woman Requests Being Buried In Her Ferrari
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Whitney Houston To Juliette Lewis
Quick Pic: Mysterious Blonde Gets (De)Flowered By Ashton Kutcher
Roz Savage Is Rowing Solo Across The Pacific Ocean
Pill Popping To Get Pretty
Learn Something Everyday And Enjoy It!
Win Valentino's "Last Emperor" DVD--With A Vintage Valentino Dress Thrown In
Four Celeb Updos You Can Actually Do At Home
Beauty Test Drive: Trish McEvoy's Lip Primer
Punky Brewster Is Back And Ready To Attack
DIY Fashion From Around the Web
Quick Pic: Kim Zolciak H8s Wearing Clothes
We Didn't Think It Was Possible For "The Hills" To Get Any Cattier
Crave: Charles & Marie Bling Band Aid
Carrie Prejean Is Suing Miss California Officials
TV Spin-Off: The Real Lesbians Of LA
The Frisky's Songs Of Summer Playlist Episode 10
Quick Pic: Taylor Lautner On Teen Vogue Cover
Sept. 1: What Are People Wearing Today?
Topless Rihanna Does Extreme Couture
Chanel, The World's Oldest Dog, Kicks The Bucket
Is It OK To Write About An Ex For Revenge, A La "(500) Days Of Summer"?
Style Stealer: Keri Russell's Field Jacket
Website Proves That Some Boobs Are Jigglier Than Others
15 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Annoying
Naomi Campbell Says Minority Models Are Unwanted In Recession
Is Twitter The New Craigslist For Casual Sex?
The Trouble With Good Girls
Kim Kardashian Can Add "Beauty Editor" To Her Resume
Loving The Matte Nail Trend For Fall
Did Phillip Garrido Murder 10 Prostitutes?
Why Are Porn Parodies So Popular?
The Original Supermodels Get Naked For D&G's Anthology
15 Things You Don't Want To Know About Your Boyfriend's Ex
Phillip Garrido's Past Victims Give Spine-Chilling Interviews
The People Have Spoken, And Glamour Mag Complies
Quick Pic: She's Baaaaack!
Would You Rock It? Pony Girl Style
Fall '09: The Death Of The Dress?
Hailey Glassman Shoots A Faux Profile
Aubrey O'Day Says That Fidel Castro And Adolf Hitler Are Totes "Brilliant"
How To Spot A Bastard In 30 Seconds
Pity The Fool Who Edited Levi Johnston's Piece For Vanity Fair
You Know You Want It: Men Of Mortuaries
Star Couplings: Tyra Isn't Engaged, She Simply Likes Old Jewelry
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Jon Hamm Isn't Getting Married Unless His Girlfriend Makes Him
Ben & Jerry's Launches "Hubby Hubby" Ice Cream In Support Of Marriage Equality
Decode My Dream: I'm Scared Of Falling!
Agent Provocateur Keeps It Above the Belt For Once
Madonna's New Video For "Celebration" Features Jesus Luz And Lots Of Gyrating
Trend Watch: Himbos Are The New Must-Have Fashion Accessory
Quote Of The Day: Demi Moore Says Plastic Surgery Rumors Are False
How To Rock (Almost) Black Lipstick
Surprise! Duggar Family Expecting Their 19th Child
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