Archives: September, 2009

Today's Lady News: Yale Lab Tech Raymond Clark III Questioned In Annie Le's Death
Love Vandal: Line Art
We Heart The Olsens' Beach Hair In Fall
Ask The Astrosexologist: My Heart Is Pulled In Two Directions!
Quick Pic: Ron Jeremy Likes To Watch … Runway Shows?!
Abercrombie & Fitch's Battle Over Beyoncé's Fragrance Is Getting Fierce
The Stars Looked Tres Chic At The "Coco Avant Chanel" Premiere
Quick Pic: Kimora Lee Simmons' Son Kenzo Makes His Runway Debut
Forever 21 Debuts A "Punk" Line, Sid Vicious Rolls In His Grave
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: RPatz And KStew Getting Hitched? Ali Lohan A Party Animal?
Tavi Wears What On Her Head At Fashion Week?
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Michael Kors
Why Do Celebrity Pets Get Normal Names While Their Kids Get Ridonculous Ones?
The Fashion Peacekeepers Confront People Magazine's Worst-Dressed List
Lady Gaga Hides And Refuses To Perform For The Gays
Crave: Forever 21 Knit Jacket
Courtney Love Is A Fashion Show Nightmare (Guest)
Are Hipsters Turning Into Prepsters?
Black Is Back For Spring (Not That It Went Anywhere, Really)
New Hampshire Teen Has The Titties To Test The Law
Megan Fox Is Rolling Stone's Sexiest Bad Girl
5 Ways Women Try To Impress Men (And Why They Don't Work)
Baby Phat Gets All Exotic With Beauty Cues From Morocco
Weird Stuff My Mom Tells Me: Put Spoons On Your Face
Snuggle Up With These Hairy-Chested Hotties
Cheerleader Kills A 353-Pound Gator
Kanye West Gets Dissed Big Time On Wikipedia
5 Kind Of Wearable Items From Lauren Conrad's New Kohl's Line
Reality Show Shocker: Son Listens To Mom In "More To Love" Finale
Crush Of The Day: Joel Hicks, Gravy Wrestler
Sept. 16: What Are People Wearing Today?
The FCC Is Itching To Reopen The Nipplegate Case
(Another) Quote Of The Day: George W. Bush Wisecracks At Hillary Clinton's Expense
Megan Fox And Amanda Seyfried Make Out In "Jennifer's Body"
Quick Pic: Attack Of The Semi-Naked Models
Hot Chicks With Dogs With ... Boners?
21 Reasons Not To Have Sex, From A Former Prude
Would You Let Your Teen (Or Pre-Teen!) Wear Avril Lavigne's Line?
The Hottest Dudes Of The '80s
Mind Of Man: The Freakiest Sex I Ever Had
What Is Mickey Rourke Doing At Fashion Week?
Thakoon Spring 2010: MObama-Worthy?
A Morbid History Lesson On On-Campus Murders
Quote Of The Day: Serena Williams Dishes On Her Line-Judge Tirade
Has Courteney Cox (Arquette) Dropped Her Married Name?
Porn Mag For Women Can Now Bring On The Boners
Meghan McCain Bravely Admits To Wearing A Weave!
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: London Sep. 16th 2009
Quick Pic: Amber And Amanda Have A Fierce-Off!
Punk Rock Makeup That Doesn't Involve Smoky Eyes
Star Couplings: Jon Gosselin's Nanny Confirms Alleged Affair
Sneak Preview: Christopher Kane For Topshop And Free Bags, Oh My!
The Reston-Roitfeld Kids Aren't Only About Fashion
Mariah: "Hero" Curls Or Diva Waves?
Which State Has The Most Inches?
Britney Thumbs Through Model Catalogues For Potential New Boyfriends!
HOTmilk Lingerie Sexes Up Hot Mamas
Ashley Dupre Trades Streetwalking For Catwalking
Quickies: Obama Calls Out Kanye West & $30 Million Bail Set For Accused Kidnapper
Anna Wintour's Office: A Label-Whore Breakdown
Today's Lady News: Annie Le's Murderer Might Be A Yale Lab Tech
I Love This Book About Style
Quick Pic: Aretha Franklin Finally Covers Up The Girls
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Scarlett Johansson To Kid Cudi
Elle UK Dresses Up The Underground With Designer Ads For Fashion Week
Quick Pic: Don't Make Me Cut You
The Top 10 Lamest Celebrity Apologies
What Editors, Models, And Designers Are Gettin' Drunk On During Fashion Week
Quick Pic: Don't Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Quote Of The Day: Michelle Williams Finally Speaks About Heath Ledger's Death
Why Weren't We Invited To The Snuggie Fashion Show? Episode 12
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Badgley Mischka
"Top Model" Gets Arrested For Disorderly Conduct
First Look: Rebecca Minkoff Ready-To-Wear
Crave: DIY Eco Speakers By Merkury
Quick Pic: If You Can't See Them, They Can't See You
107-Year-Old Woman Hunting For Husband #23
12 Celebrities Who've Played The Role Of Paparazzo
Can Anti-Aging Creams Actually Make You Age Faster?
Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Is Hungry No More
Q&A: Comedian And Author Aaron Karo Takes Us Inside The Eternal Bachelor's Mind
Sept. 15: What Are People Wearing Today?
Kanye West Shoots Amber Rose's Booty For Elle!
Patrick Swayze's 10 Best Movie Moments
What Do Nazis Have To Do With New York Fashion Week?
Quick Pic: This Is What A Model Foot Looks Like
10 Totally Ridiculous Fashion Week Finds
British Socialite Teaches Us How NOT To Behave On A Plane
How To Get Ridiculously Perfect-Looking Skin
Girl Talk: How Soon Is Too Soon To Talk About Kids?
10 Ways The Adult Movie Industry Can Save Itself From Premature Extinction
J. Crew Jacks Up Their Offerings For Men
Christiano Siriano Says Kate Gosselin Cribbed His Look
Ask Grandma: Love Advice From A Snazzy Silver Fox
Kanye West And Taylor Swift Take It To The Talk Show Circuit
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Marc Jacobs
Quick Pic: Lady Gaga Goes Pantsless AND Topless
Whitney Houston Tells All (Seriously, All) To Oprah
Tennis Star Juan Martin del Potro Scores High On Sex Appeal
Nerd Girl Porn: The 10 Hottest Male Models At Fashion Week
A 4 Here, A 6 There: Does Designer Sizing Disturb You Too?
Quick Pic: A Mythical Creature Indeed
Gallery: All Laced-Up
Quick Pic: Models Have Boogers Too!
Pre-Gaming Pre-Date: Do Or Don't?
8 So-Called "Chivalrous" Moves That Creep Us Out
Star Couplings: Whitney Houston Did Smoke Crack With Bobby Brown
The Hair Product That Just Might Change Your Life
Bromance Is Kicking Romance's Butt In Posts On Craigslist
The World's Oldest Woman Dies At 115 Years Old
How To Keep New Shoes Looking New
How To Get Slicked-Back, Chic Hair On Days You Don't Want To Shower
Is Ego-itis Really That Bad?
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: London Sep. 15th 2009
Sean Lennon Defends His Homage Portrait After Backlash
RIP: Patrick Swayze Has Passed Away
Quickies: Susan Boyle's Single Has Been Leaked & Prince Harry's Girl Did Jack Osbourne
Today's Lady News: 12-Year-Old Child Bride Dies In Childbirth
Quick Pic: When A Top Boy Becomes A Topman
Remote Control: "Gossip Girl!" "The Beautiful Life!" "Bored To Death!" And More Must-See TV
The One Eyeliner Trick You Can't Live Without
Housewives Catfight At Jill Stuart Today!
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Drew Barrymore Explains Why She And Ellen Page Locked Lips
Michelle Obama-Appropriate Metallic Nails
How To Wear Brown Makeup Without Looking Like A Chocolate Bunny
Quick Pic: Should We Fear The Rise Of Cowboy Hats?
15 Ways To Give Your Shoulders Some Fashion Attention
Ed Westwick Got Two New Fugly Tattoos!
Turn Your Butt Into Boobs With Crazy New Plastic Surgery
Did "Fashion's Night Out" Fix Any Of The Fashion Industry's Problems?
How Did Women Find Their Baby Daddies Before YouTube?
Quick Pic: How Badly Do You Want To Date This Thom Browne Model?
Getting A Boner For Rag & Bone Spring 2010
Quick Pic: I'll Believe It When I See It
Advice For Jillian Harris Now That She's Moving In Wth Ed Swiderski
Crave: Swatch Bunny Sutra Watch
Quick Pic: It's, Like, Complicated At Christian Siriano
She By Sheree Is Just As Crappy As We Thought It'd Be
Doin' It With Dr. V: The Morning-After Pill
Alabama Not Such a Sweet Home For The Sex Toy Industry
Police Officer By Day, Prostitute By Night
When Will I Stop Being Angry?
How Do We Feel About Amber Rose's "Avant Garde" Contact Lenses?
Sept. 14: What Are People Wearing Today?
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Diane von Furstenberg
Quick Pic: C'mon, Barbara, Gives Us A Little Smile
Tom Ford's New Film Not About Fashion, But Still Full Of Style
Rebecca Taylor's Bow Hair: Difficult, Yet Not Impossible
"Racy" Twilight Books Banned From Schools In Australia
Will You Sport A Midriff Come Next Spring?
If You Want To Look Dirty, Apply Your Makeup With A Sock Like They Did At Erin Wasson x RVCA
Bill Maher Can't Handle His (Tila) Tequila
Girl Talk: Do You Have A Great Love Story?
Quick Pic: Claudia Schiffer Is One Mad Hatter
Will Not Wack For Jesus
Red Carpet Slideshow: Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Solange Knowles Kill It At The VMAs
Unranked Kim Clijsters Shows The U.S. Open Who's Boss
Quick Vid: Redheads Get The Party Started
Miss J.'s Tips On How To Work A Runway
"New Moon" Trailer Eclipses Our Expectations
"How To Lose Jobs And Alienate Fashion Designers" By Lindsay Lohan
Quick Pic: Put On Your Bunny Ears
Quote Of The Day: Erin Fetherston Not A Fan of Pantslessness
365 Days In Paris: Le French Dating, Part II
No More French Kissing!
Police Think They've Found Missing Yale Student Annie Le's Body
Star Couplings: Could A Teen Be The Other Woman In Ellen Pompeo's Marriage?
Why Has Stephanie Pratt Morphed Into A Carbon Copy Of Heidi Montag?
Taiwan's Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital
For The Week Of September 14-20, 2009
Quick Pic: Are You Ready To Show Off Your Calve Cleavage?
Woman Accused Of Sleeping With The Son She Gave Up For Adoption A Decade Earlier
Lady Gaga's Period Piece At The MTV Video Music Awards
Kanye West Rains On Taylor Swift's MTV Video Music Awards Parade
Female Twins In An All-Girl Gang Acquitted Because No One Could Tell Who Did What
Beauty Test Drive: Clarisonic Brush
8 Stars Who Will Run Circles Around You
I Like A Guy At Work. Should I Date Him?
The Only Way To Know A Relationship Is Over
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys Pumping Gas
The Trick To Lining Your Eye's Inner Rim
The Next Celeb Fashion Collab Could Involve Simmons Sisters
Five Tips To Take Off Five Pounds In Five Minutes
Serena Williams Out At The U.S. Open After Allegedly Threatening Line Judge?
Bloody Clothes Found Stashed In The Lab Where Missing Woman Was Last Seen
8 Celebs Who Don't Sweat Awkward Gym Sightings
Jump Aboard The Michael Moore Bandwagon, Err, Gondola
Puckerin' Up In Public: When PDA Isn't Okay
10 Shirtdresses That'll Button-Up Your Wardrobe
Inside The National Cougar Convention
No Impact Woman
10 Things We Learned About Men From Romantic Comedies
Charlotte Ronson Proves Just How Skinny Models Really Are
Quick Pic: Half And Half Hair
Where Do Designers Get Their Inspiration? Kids!
The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky
Quickies: "Vampire Diaries"' Stars Arrested & A Craigslist Casual Encounter Confession
Today's Lady News: Abortion Protester Killed In Michigan
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 12-13th 2009