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Quickies: Oral Sex Makes A Man Feel Accepted & The Service Industry Is Oversexed
Ask The Astrosexologist: My Boyfriend Has No Interest In Getting To Know My Friends
Happy Hump Day: Have You Ever Seen A Drunk Squirrel?
Ed Westwick's Furry Chest In Black And White
How To Wear Leather Gloves
Sweatpants Are Suddenly Cool
Your Chance At Photography Fame
Are You A Winner?
Quick Pic: What A Chick
Style Stealer: Maggie Gyllenhaal's Lightweight Plaid Scarf
Chris Brown Releases "I Can Transform Ya"
A Tie For The Guy Who Goes For Sloppy Seconds
Crave: Heather Hawkins Concho Rivet Trinity Wrap Bracelet (Get 20% Off!)
5 Of This Year's Killed Films That We Would've Preferred Over "The Ugly Truth"
Psychic Or Psycho? Clairvoyant Claims She Was Beat Up By Rivals
Hair Model Citizen: Maybe She Sold Her Soul To The Devil
Let's All Play The Hollywood Tattoo Name Game!
Trend We Heart: Shop The Full Leather Skirt
The Scale Is Now Your Friend—A Big, Fuzzy Pink One
Carrie Bradshaw Gives Up Her Manolos!
20 Awesome Women With A Gap Between Their Front Teeth
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Spencer Pratt Might Cut Off His Balls
Detroit City Council Trying To Ban Lap Dances
Do You Suffer From Facebook Relationship Status Anxiety?
Sept. 30: What Are People Wearing Today?
This Is The Real-Life True Blood
The United States Waited 31 Years to Arrest Polanksi
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Justin Timberlake Ditched Jessica For Rihanna? Kirstie's At The Fat Farm?
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: Bordeaux Sep. 30th 2009
Mind Of Man: Real Men Buy Flowers
Fall Bags On A Budget
Are You Sporting A "Recession" Haircut?
Dear Wendy: Defining A Relationship's Status
How To Rock A Headscarf A La The Marni Runway
When Naming A Company, Make Sure The Initials Aren't TIT
A Jimmy Kimmel And Sarah Silverman Sex Tape? Say It Ain't So.
Star Couplings: Eliza Dushku And Rick Fox Are A Happy Couple
Quote Of The Day: Jenna Jameson Is The New Dooce
Screech Is No Longer Saved By The Bell
Product Test Drive: Rear Gear Sports Cushion
Drink This, Get Pretty! (Or Maybe Not)
"The Human Centipede" Looks Horrifying
6 Cases Of Hollywood Baby Daddy Drama
Liveblogging "The Hills" And "The City"
Quickies: Khloe Kardashian's Wedding Hair Cost A Few Thousand Dollars, Plus 5 Women Not To Befriend
Today's Lady News: Italy's Prime Minister Calls Michelle Obama "Sun-Tanned"
Quick Pic: Isn't This Against The School Dress Code?
How To Do Your Makeup In 5 Minutes
Love Vandal: Coronary Thrombosis
How You Can Knit For A Good Cause Episode 14
Paintballers Splatter A Lovely Marilyn Monroe
Fashion In The Future May Require Tech Support
Stripper With A Taser Gun Is On the Run!
Do You Want Your Dude's House To Be Nicer Than Yours?
Poll: If You Could Wipe The Memory Of Someone From Your Brain, Would You?
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Mariah Carey To Karen O
New Fashion Site For Pets Makes Us Want To Roll Over And Play Dead
Milan Fashion Week Wrap-Up
The 10 Best Over-The-Knee, Thigh-High Boots
Quick Pic: Scarlett Johansson Jumps On The No-Pants Train
Is Being A Female Bank Robber A Feminist Act?
Crave: BB Dakota Marsh Jacket
Ms. Olympia Isn't Worth As Much As Mr. Olympia
Watch Jude Law Play A Crossdressing Model For Free
Style 911: So I'm Broke ...
Could A "Friends" Movie Be On The Way?
Poor Clive Owen's Face Surrounded By Stupid Headlines On Details Cover
How To Date A Tall Chick
Quick Pic: Eva Who?
Beauty Test Drive: Sephora Lip Stain
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Far Would You Go To Impress A Woman?
Agent Provocateur Dresses Comic Book Characters To Sell Lingerie
Now You Can Smell Like A Laundromat On The Cheap!
Girl Talk: Guys Versus Men
Sex & Celluloid: The Top 5 Chick Flicks With Bite
Quick Pic: How To Look Naked Without Showing Any Skin
What Are You Brushing Your Hair With?
Newsflash: Jon Gosselin Desperately Trying To Stall Divorce From Kate
Quick Pic: Somewhere, Michelle Kwan Is Looking For Her Tights
It's All Tears On Tyra's Teens And Parents Sex Summit
Sept. 29: What Are People Wearing Today?
Is Your iPhone Cool Enough For Pugh?
Quick Pic: Paris Wears Disco Chic On Coffee Run
Tufts University To Outlaw Sexiling Roommates
An All-Lady Group Finally Wins "America's Best Dance Crew"
Tacky Fashion Choices That Turn Us Off
4 Sex Myths That Most Guys Believe
Moms Need Support In More Than Bra Form
Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"
Britney Spears' New Single About Threesomes?
Who Do You Want To See In An All-Gay Version Of "Real Housewives"?
Has American Apparel Gone Too Far?
Missed Connections Illustrated
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Penelope Cruz On Her Favorite Female Kissing Partner
Ink Yourself: To-Do Temporary Tattoos
Star Couplings: Emmy Rossum And Boyfriend/Husband Justin Siegel Have Split!
What's Madonna's Sexiest Video?
Quote Of The Day: Heidi Montag Shapes Up Her Mind For Playboy
Mayoral Cross-Dressing & Other Small-Town Scandals
This Trio Pan May Save My Year
Comme des Garconnes Wants To Hold Your Hand (Bag)
... And We F**king Love Them For That: SNL's Jenny Slate & Other Fleeting Expletives on TV
Inside 5 Celebrity Yard Sales
Life's No Longer Beautiful: Why "TBL" Got Canceled
Coming To A College Near You: Fat Studies?
Quickies: TV's First Loss of the Season, Plus A Death in the Beatle Universe
Today's Lady News: "Californication" Ad Stars David Duchovny And A Woman's Butt
Louis Vuitton + Red Cross = ?
What's The Point Of This Artist's "Rape Tunnel?"
Quick Pic: Totally Suitable For A Job Interview, No?
H&M Gives Us Two Chances To Snag Sonia Rykiel Goods
Robbers Steal $400K Worth Of Underwear And Pantyhose
Remote Control: What You'll Want To Watch The Week of September 28th 2009
Hair Model Citizen: Amy Winehouse Puss
10 Craziest (And Totally Useful) YouTube Beauty Videos
"Just Don't Wife Her" Website Outs Gold Diggers And Cheaters!
Gallery: 7 Sweat-Tastic Sweater Dresses
Lucite Is A Contagious Disease That's Spreading From Heels To Toes
Crave: Roper Ingredients T-Shirt
Quick Pic: Get Your Claws Into Some Fast Food
The Slutty Halloween Costume Shopping Guide!
What The Hell Is "Rape-Rape"?
11 Years Old And Out Of The Closet: The Trouble With Gay Middle Schoolers
Sept. 28: What Are People Wearing Today?
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: Bordeaux Sep. 28th 2009
Eww, "Mad Men," Eww
Hey, Strippers And Whores Can Write, Too!
Smelly Germans And Lazy Laddies Top The List Of Worst Lovers
How Much Do Famous Folks Get Paid For Their Wedding Photos?
The Return Of Men's Earrings?
What Do You Have To Atone For This Yom Kippur?
Jeans To Go With Your Motorcycle Boots
Would You Like Some Prostitution With Your Espresso?
(Another) Quote of the Day: Ann Curry Knows Politics
Poll: What Do You Think Of Megan Fox's Grunge Style In Nylon Magazine?
365 Days In Paris: Present Tense
How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?
Should Roman Polanski Have Been Arrested For A Crime That Happened 32 Years Ago?
What's Fair Punishment For Lying About Rape?
Strengthen Your Lady Parts With Semi-Precious Stone Eggs
Star Couplings: Khloe Kardashian Gets Married, But Is It Legal?
The Edgy Olympics!
Sometimes You Shouldn't Mind Your Own Business
Joan Holloway Doesn't Need Weight Watchers
The Daily Ovulation: Violet Affleck Gets A Piggyback
For The Week Of September 28-October 4, 2009
Quote Of The Day: Mika Can Assure You Lady Gaga Is A Woman
Jenny Slate Makes Her Debut On "SNL" By Dropping The F-Bomb
What Your Favorite Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing Today
Doin' It With Dr. V: The 28-Year-Old Virgin
Are Women Too Insecure To Have Sober Sex?
Ex From Hell: Pilot Stalks Former Girlfriend Via Plane
6 Starlets Who Left Their Hubbies For Other Men
6 Bad Reasons To Marry, Starring Khloe Kardashian
Gallery: What Celebs Wear In Court
Really Easy DIY: Turn A Stuffy Choker Into A Cool Necklace
5 First-Date Turn-Offs From Men
Kelly Rutherford Gets Restraining Order For Estranged Husband
The Top 8 Reasons Women Have Sex
6 Celebs Who Became Religious Freaks
From Ice To Nice: Six Ways To Be More Approachable
Jessica Biel To Climb Kilimanjaro And JT May Tag Along, Too!
9 Sexy Librarian-Inspired Spectacles
10 Celebrities Who Love To Fly
Now You Can Shop The Sartorialist At Topshop
Quickies: President Obama's Frozen Smile
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 26-27th 2009
Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky
Style Buzz: No Crocs On Yom Kippur And Models Look Good Always
Today's Lady News: Mackenzie Phillips Spurs 26% Increase In Rape Reports
Love Nest: Put Your Clothes To Work—Decorating Your Home!
Trailer Park: "Fame," "Coco Before Chanel," "Surrogates," "The Boys Are Back," "Capitalism"
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Bijou Phillips Doesn't Know What To Believe
Etsy Find Of The Week: Jibri Clothing
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of September 25th 2009
Style Stealer: Amanda Seyfried's Oversized Blazer
10 Hot Guys Who Got Fugs, But Thankfully Are Hot Again
How To Wake Your Girlfriend Up
Crave: Nicole Lee Snake Clutch (Win One!)
5 Sexy Reasons To Watch The New Season Of “Californication”
I Wanna Dress Like: Karen O
Head Over Heels For: The Breton Shirt
Take It From Him: 4 Compliments That Guys Take As Insults
Quick Pic: I Smell A Bromance Cooking
Jake Gyllenhaal Lego Isn't Nearly Hot Enough
Trendspotting: Fashion Spandex?
Doin' The Butt, A Musical Starring Scott Baio
An American Girl Doll That's Homeless
Gallery: 10 Ways To Pimp Your Earphones
Quick Pic: Joined At The Stocking
An Already Pregnant Woman Somehow Manages To Get Knocked Up
Sept. 25: What Are People Wearing Today?
The First Lady's Feet Are Put To The Test ... What's Your Pain Threshold For Heels?
Travel Diary:
The Lady Before She Went Gaga
Travel Diary: My Costa Rican Surf Adventure
Could Sharon Spencer Save Hollywood A Lot Of Heartache?
Karl Lagerfeld Is Watching His Figurine
An Art Exhibit That Supports Your Girls
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