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What's The Deal With Probiotics And Weight Loss?
Woman To Wed Fairground Ride
Star Couplings: Rihanna Wants To Be Near Chris Brown
How To Wear: Thigh High Boots (Without Looking Like A Hooker)
"Bachelorette" Bombshell: Did Ed Cheat With Two Women?!
New Favorite Blog: Skinny Girls, Big Sandwiches
YouTube Love: GlowPinkStah Makeup Tutorials
Inner Beauty: What Men Don't Tell You
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Modest Mouse To Amanda Blank
Where Prostitutes Are More Trustworthy Than Politicians And Scientists
LiLo And Britney Hang Out, Plus Other Friendships We Need Rekindled For Our Amusement.
Quick Pic: But Who Will Bring The Incoherent & Crazy To "Idol" Now?!
Quickies!: Lauren Conrad And Kim Kardashian Join ANTM
Love Vandal: Gone Postal
The Tale of Cadbury And The Most Expensive Golden Chocolate Bar
Mariah Carey's New Album Takes Product Shilling To The Next Level
Kristin Cavallari Caught Reading A "Hills" Script
A Gay Sherlock Holmes Movie?
Today's Lady News: Lady Gaga Says She's Not A Feminist
Beyonce, Lady Gaga, And Britney Spears Top The MTV VMA Nominations
"The Sopranos" May Be The Next HBO Show Turned Into A Movie
Stephenie Meyer Accused Of Plagiarizing Parts Of "Breaking Dawn"
No Critic Screenings For "G.I. Joe." Does That Mean It Sucks?
Quick Pic: Holy Inappropriateness!
Paris Hilton's Ex-Manager To Publish A Tell-All Book
Jennifer Aniston Talks About Being Single In The Next Issue Of Elle
Quick Pic: Peep This Pink Bunny
On Display: "Dress Codes" Exhibit At Katonah Museum
"Good Hair" Documentary Looks Promising
Happy Birthday, Barack! Which Presidential Birthday Party Would You Rather Go To?
Crave: Shaveworks The Cool Fix
YouTube Wedding Dance Couple Gets Divorced (Kind Of)
Stephen Colbert Won't Let This Teen Birth Control Junkie Off Easy
What To Wear Now (And Later): Bubble Shorts
"The Today Show" Tweets That Euna Lee And Laura Ling Have Been Pardoned
Aubrey O'Day Tries To Sound Like Eddie Murphy
Quick Pic: Peep This Pink Bunny
Get To Know Naomi Sims, Pioneering Black Model
Heath Ledger-Directed Music Video For Modest Mouse's "King Rat"
More People Are Taking Antidepressants, But Fewer Are In Therapy
The Kate Gosselin Wig Is Sold Out. Darn.
When It Comes To Fashion Erotica, There's Nothing To Be Ashamed Of Episode 4
Shake Your Way To Leaner Arms And Look Ridiculous Doing It!
Taylor Momsen Is Very Opinionated In Teen Vogue
Christina Hendricks Of "Mad Men" Is Surprised, Saddened, By Responses To Joan's Rape
Bill Clinton Visits North Korea To Free Laura Ling And Euna Lee
Quick Pic: Miranda Kerr On A Sydney Runway
What To Order At Celeb's Favorite Restaurants
"The Rachel Zoe Project" Season Two Trailer: August Just Got A Whole Lot Better
Quick Video: "The September Issue" Preview!
Manly Sites Say No To Megan Fox And Yes To ... Betty White?
Sarah Palin's Feud With David Letterman Gets Pornified
Are You Hot For Mr. Moms?
Man-Ogling, We Bet You Do It All The Time
Sterling-Cooper Brings The Hotness To The "Mad Men" Season Three Premiere
Is It Unethical Not To Disclose The Collagen In Your Lips?
Facebook Status Off
Four Wisconsin Women Hold A Cheating Dude Hostage
Review: The Zoe Report Debuts, Praises Shoes Designed By A Friend
A+ For New Paul & Joe Jeans
Reality Show Contestants: The Sweatshop Workers Of The Acting World?
The Golden Days Of Summer
Quick Pic: Is Sienna Miller's Brother Legal?
Quick Pic: "Hey Fellas, Scram!"
Proof That Men Love To Ogle—A Lot!
Star Couplings: Nick Cannon Tries To Make Peace With Eminem
Ask The Astrosexologist: Double The Scorpio Means Fireworks Or A Freak Show!
Women Aren't Backstabbers, Lusting After Taken Men
"Birthers" Lawyer Brings The Crazy To MSNBC
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria For Walmart Is A Lotta 'Meh'
Quick Pic: Ashley Olsen Prunes For The Cover Of Marie Claire
The Skinny On Hair Extensions
Quote Of The Day: Anne Heche Was Hard To Find
Frisky Exclusive Q&A: Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Via Whisper Chain
Quickies!: Sarah Palin Threatens To Sue Blogger Over Divorce Rumor
Quick Pic: What A Stud...
Mother Finds Her Baby Up For Adoption On Craigslist
Quick Pic: A Rose By Any Other Name Is Just As Sweet
Being A Redhead Hurts
Gallery: Emile Hirsch And Other Celebrities With Lecherous Doppelgangers
Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow Lets You Borrow Or Buy
Saudi Women Opting For More Plastic Surgery
Reading Has Never Looked So Good
Sugar Ray Loves Cougars
Free Sephora Samples + Beauty Packing Tips
"The Female Gaze" Art Exhibit Looks Pretty Sweet
In Search Of The Perfect Tank Top
The Insane Story Of The Dolphins At Sea World
Crave: Lomo Super Sampler 4 Lens Panoramic 35mm Camera
Here She Comes, Miss Land Mine Cambodia 2009
Quick Pic: Common Looks Anything But Common
Woman Sues School After Three Months Of Joblessness
Weird And Random Celebrity Song Dedications
Yesss! It's Birth Control For Men. Almost.
Quick Pic: Vanity Fair Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson And Farrah Fawcett
Girl Talk: Should I Have Told My Boyfriend's Parents That I'm Depressed?
It's Still Your Ass Or Your Face
Are Certain Fashion Designers & Companies Boob Friendly—And Others Not?
Crave: Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Crystal Studded Disco Ball Ring
8 Reasons You're Not Having Enough Sex
Nothing Pretty About Jessica Simpson's Hair & Makeup Bills
Nerd Girl Porn: The Hotties Of The UFC
Quentin Tarantino Has A Thing For Dildo Pranks
No Boyfriend To Cuddle With? Meet The Blob
Roadtest: Can Pheromone-Laced Beauty Products Get You Laid?
2010 World Cup Could Result In An Increase In HIV
Screech Is Conspicuously Absent From "Saved By The Bell" Reunion
Cheatsheet: How To Dress Like Flight Of The Conchords
Do Nursing Homes Make Sex Impossible?
Quick Pic: Mini-Cocos Take To the Streets
Inspiration Board: Military Style
Do You Want To Know Where Your Sweater Comes From?
I Want Her Hair: Diane Kruger's Side-Swept Ponytail
Oh No! A New HIV Strain Has Been Discovered
Eight Reasons We're OK With Being Less Healthy Than Women Twice Our Age
You’re Urnbelievable: Facing Your Fear Of Death
The Five Worst Reproductive Evolutionary Designs
"True Blood" Recap: Godrick Saves The Day!
Rape A Serious, Serious Problem In South Africa
Sex Without A Condom = Good For Your Mental Health
Girl's Family Sues KFC For $8 Million Over Brain Damage
Katie Holmes Offered Role In "Sex and the City 2"
Today's Lady News: Newspaper Columnist Suggests Hillary Drink "Mad Bitch" Beer
Could You Ever Get Past Hearing "I Don't Love You Anymore?"
Nude Girls Sell All Kinds Of Things, Including Keds
Remote Control: What You’ll Want to Watch The Week Of August 3rd 2009
Quick Pic: Coco Chanels Take To the Streets
Vogue Australia Celebrates 50 With Illustrated Covers
Quote Of The Day: Christina Hendricks On What Makes "Mad Men" So Sexy
Doin' It With Dr. V: Masturbation
Quick Pic: Japanese Miss Universe Not So Traditional
For The Week Of August 3-10, 2009
Star Couplings: Ali Larter Weds!
Gallery: Celeb's OTT Dog-Walking Styles
Wuh-Woh. Cue The Sarah And Todd Palin Divorce Rumors!
Music Video: Shakira's A "She Wolf"
Quick Pic: Britney Spears Makeover Takes 9 Hours
This Weekend I ... Asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt Out On A Date!
Nightmare Journal Makes Your Bad Dreams History
Cougars, Pumas, And TWITS: Which Ridiculous Female Stereotype Are You?!
Beauty Spotlight: Dr. Miracle's Goodbye Acne System
Make Up Your Face For Under $20
"Clueless" And Other Chick-Flicks Heading To Broadway
Artist Manages To Make Chocolate Unappetizing
Get Scarlett Johansson's Sexy-Sleek Look
Annie Leibovitz Gets Sued
"Defying Gravity" Looks Kind Of Amazing
Anatomy Of Snap-Worthy Street Style
Jay-Z Does The Beastie Boys Proud
Quick Pic: Rhea Durham Officially Part Of Marky Mark's Funky Bunch
Weird Food News: Blue M&Ms Can Heal Your Spine And More
Rorschach Test: Sex And Marriage Material
Television Tries To Represent Gay And Lesbian Folks. But Usually Fails.
Amy Winehouse's Dad Makes A Record. Other Fame-Hungry Celebrity Parents.
Video Style Steal: Britney's Equestrian-Style Looks Are On Our Fashion "Radar"
Hollywood, Please Stop Ruining Dr. Seuss Books!
Gallery: Celebrity Exes Who Got Away With The Goods
Do Fashion Trends Ever Really Die?
Gallery: The Many Looks Of Rachel McAdams
Q&A: The "Agorafabulous" Sara Benincasa
Gallery: Katie Holmes And Other Celebs Almost Injured On Set
Thinking Vs. Feeling: Which Is Better In Relationships?
Weird Fashion Museums Around The World
What He's Really Thinking When He Sees You Nude
The Weekly Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky
Umm, Biker Shorts For $365, Why?
Poll: Do You Still Wear Jewelry You Got From An Ex?
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