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Quickies!: Mary J. Blige Is "The One" And Farrah Fawcett Allegedly Had An Affair
Today's Lady News: Guys Are Scared To Sleep With Lily Allen
Donatella Versace Brings Back Her Fave Old-School Label
Fall Must-Have: Microwaveable Scarf
Quick Pic: Dawnn Lewis Sighting
Potential Surprise Celebrity Guests At Fashion's Night Out
Remote Control: What You'll Want To Watch The Week Of August 31st 2009
Quick Pic: Bend It Like Ellen
Rumors Swirl That Chelsea Clinton Will Get Hitched Any Minute
Whitney Houston: The Greatest Album Of All?
Fashion! Disaster! Miranda Kerr Temporarily Blinded By Perfume
Quick Pic: "O" Is For Outrageous
Steven Meisel Sure Likes His Models Dirty
Rumer Willis Bakes Pies, Cries On Command
Guy Skips Out On Bill, Then Steals His Date's Car. WTF?
Did You Wear Makeup As A Little Girl?
Quick Pic: Kim Kardashian, The Kween Of Darkness?
Crave: A.P.C. Karaoke DVD
Creamy White Polish Is The Best End-Of-Summer Nail Shade
Gallery: Parker Posey Has Lyme Disease And Other Unusual Celebrity Illnesses
37 Things We'll Teach Our Daughters About Men And Relationships
Chris March Files Lawsuit Against Thierry Mugler Over Beyonce's Costumes
Quick Pic: Here Kitty, Kitty
Chris Brown "Doesn't Remember" Hitting Rihanna
Heather Mills Creates Horrifying Eco-Friendly Clothing Line
Anna Wintour Waits In Line Like A Peasant & "The September Issue" Is Insanely Successful
Macaulay Culkin Might Be The Biological Father Of Michael Jackson's Youngest Son
Gallery: The Perfect Gray Sweatshirt
"Faking Your Own Kidnapping While Cheating" Is The New Infidelity
The "Mad Men" Talent Show
In Washington, D.C. Everyone Is A Style Star
What's Up With These Crazy (And Expensive!) Shoes?
How Much Are You Willing To Pay For An Eyebrow Wax?
Poll: Who Gets The Nude Photos After A Breakup?
Quote Of The Day: Megan Fox Puts Men In Their Place With Her Choice Of Words
Who Will Bella Wear For Her "Eclipse" Wedding?
Fashion Designer Who Raped Underage Women To Be Sentenced Today
Gallery: Beauty Treatments Gone Horribly Wrong
What Fashion Insiders Think Of Glamour's Plus-Size Model
Why The Heck Is Jon Gosselin A Babe Magnet?
My First Pole Dancer
Jenna Bush To Invade Your Daytime Television Routine
Beauty Test Drive: Smooth Away Hair Removal Pads
Famous Friends Reflect On DJ AM's Death
Slideshow: What Frisky Editors Are Buying For Fall
We're Jonze-ing For "Where The Wild Things Are"-Inspired Jewelry
365 Days In Paris: You Say Goodbye And I Say Bonjour
Quick Pic: "I Dunno Jake..."
Star Couplings: Mandy Moore Responds To DJ AM's Death
Quote Of The Day: Mandy Moore "Heartbroken" Over DJ AM's Death
The Marky Mark Workout
Over-Excitement On "The X Factor"
Woman Marries Her Former Doorman, Childhood Crush
Does Your Computer Screen Need Cleaning? This Pug Would Like To Help You.
I Wanna Dress Like: Brad Goreski From "The Rachel Zoe Project"
Quick Pic: Crazy Cat Lady Crashes The Red Carpet
When Robots Kiss
For The Week Of August 31-September 6, 2009
Roxanne’s Revenge: Former Hip-Hop Artist Doesn’t Get Angry, She Gets A PhD
Assad Mounser Jewelry Line Teaches Us A Lesson
The Futuristic, Fashionable Version Of Crocs
Doin' It With Dr. V: Love Hurts & Sex Bruises
Five Acceptable First Date Lies
Polite (and Effective) Ways To Silence A Chatty Cathy
Oops! We Missed National Go-Topless Day!
The French Make Mail Smell Good With Chocolate-Scented Stamps
Quote Of The Day: Alexander Wang Hearts Zack Morris
Five Fashion Splurges To Indulge (And Five To Skimp On)
20 Shower Curtains To Set The Scene For Your Morning Routine
Cooking With Dishwashers And Coffeepots Brings Dorm Room Cuisine To A New Low
He Saw Someone Else During Our Separation
Open Marriage Benefit: A Three-Parent Household
The Science Of Harry Potter And Other College Classes You Wish You Could Take
The Little-Known Roles Of Ten Big Time Celebs
Gallery: Mischa Barton Sticks With The Wisdom Teeth Story & Other Ridiculous Celeb Excuses
OMG Cute: Puppies Dressed As Cats!
Quote Of The Day: Natalie Portman Likes To Get Crunk
RIP: Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein
Quickies!: Nick Jonas Wants To Be Your Commander In Chief & Naked Man Hijacks Bus
The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky
Viral Videos On YouTube Can Now Earn You Megabucks
Who Are Men's Fashion Magazines For Anyway?
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For August 29-30th 2009
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of August 28th 2009
Today's Lady News: Actress & Ex-Playmate Accuses "Entourage" Guys Of Getting Handsy
Gucci And Mary J. Blige Team Up For The Ladies
Supermodel's Dog Gets A Modeling Contract. Yes, Her Dog.
J. Crew's New Accessories Catalog Will Make You Want To Rob A Bank
What Would You Put on Display At the Museum Of Broken Relationships?
"Real Woman" Does Not Look As Good In Topshop As Kate Moss Does
Etsy Find Of The Week: Vampire Love Bite Necklace
"New Moon"'s Voluri Revealed!
Quick Vid: Christina Aguilera Cries Happy Tears
Trailer Park: "Taking Woodstock," "The September Issue," "My One And Only," "Fifty Dead Men Walking"
Quick Pic: The Gosselins Put The Public In Public School
The PooTrap Embarrasses Dogs, But Makes Owner's Life Easier
Crave: CND's Colour & Effects Nail Polish (Win It!)
Beauty Test Drive: Diorshow Iconic Mascara
Jaycee Lee Dugard: Her Kidnapper Calls A Reporter And Her Stepdad Appears On "Today"
Dear Wendy: A Coke-Dealing Boyfriend & A Serial Monogamist
"The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Recap: Kim Still Can't Sing In Public
21 Guys We're Ashamed To Say We'd Totally Screw
How 'Bout These John Galliano Lace-Up Platforms?
Lindsay Lohan's "Comeback" To Be Televised?
Gallery: Minka Kelly And Derek Jeter Are Getting Hitched, Plus Other Secret Engagements
Child Abuse Charges For Phoenix Family Who Abandoned Their 8-Year-Old Girl After Rape
Bras For Ladies With Fake Boobs
How To Make A Beauty Mark, Just Like Amy Winehouse
New Favorite Blog: The People Of WalMart
Christian Louboutin Wants To Get You Drunk
How To Pack For A Weekend Away: 10 Tips
What's The Longest Acceptable Amount Of Time You Can Go Without Washing A Bra?
The Girlfriend Keeper: Nothing Says Love Like Automated Texts And Emails To Your Girlfriend
Winking Pants Man Is A Huge Success!
Quick Pic: Hot, Shirtless Dudes Wrestling In Tomatoes
Black Hair: The Debate Untangled
Happy Friday: Cute Otter Already Enjoying The Weekend
Barbie Takes Off Her Clothes, Finds Her Way Into Famous Paintings
The Frisky Guidebook: The Venice Of The North
Joe Francis Assaults A Chick. Again
You're OUT: Five Reasons Why "Project Runway" Is Over
Dating Across America: Sleeping Arrangements When You're Staying With The 'Rents
Quick Pic: Rihanna Kills It With Her Vogue Italia Cover
A Sex Strike We Can Really Get Behind
Steal Kirsten Dunst's Manga Style: How To Dress Like Human Anime
Woman Switches Genders When She Has Seizures
Chris Brown Really, Seriously Swears He's A Changed Man
Star Couplings: Megan Fox Says Kissing Girls Is Safe
Your Celebrity-Approved Summer Reading List
Quote Of The Day: André Leon Talley Loves "The Golden Girls"
Poll: You Just Queefed ... Now What?!?
Hot Male Models And Totally Adorable Babies
The Age-Old Question "Does My Butt Look Big In These?" Answered
Kidnapping Victim Found Alive 18 Years Later
How To Have Sex In A Snuggie
John Mayer's $25,000 Mugshot
Pace High School Will Educate You, Whether It's The Porn Site Or The Public School
Liveblogging "Project Runway"!
Quickies!: Ryan Jenkins' Sister May Have Helped Him, Plus The History Of Contraception
What Does The Row Look Like, Really?
L'Chaim: Grover And Jake Gyllenhaal To Star In "Shalom Sesame"
Today's Lady News: The Reason You're Afraid Of Spiders Is...
Care For Some Afternoon DemocraTea?
Quick Pic: Your Pen Is Leaking
Sneak Preview: Plenty On Gilt Fuse & Free Stuff For You!
Chris Brown Goes Clubbing After His Sentencing
Guys Talk About Being Hit By Women
Jessica Stam Works It Out. In Stilettos.
Svedka Vodka Wants To Make You Into A Fembot
Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Do "West Side Story" For MTV Video Music Awards
D-Vision Natural Plates For Natural Shapes
Iranian Prez Appoints Three Ladies To His Cabinet, But For The Right Reasons?
"Real Housewives" Preview: NeNe Wants To Turn Kim Into A Black Woman
The Proper Protocol For Dissing An Ex
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Greasy Guys
Cat-Thrower Kenley Collins Explains Herself
Working Girls Work The Runway
Crave: Gap Striped Lounge Leggings
Chris Isaak Is (Still) The Hottest
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker Tries Not To Notice The Paparazzi
Quick Pic: Your Pen Is Leaking
Jason Schwartzman Wears Nice Clothes, Crushes On A Mannequin
Voodoo Dolls For The Fashion Set
13 Reasons She Doesn't Want A Second Date
Abortion: Is It The Last Taboo Of Comedy?
Sex Is Not A Top Priority For Women
Quick Pic: Take Me Down To Paradise City
Glamping: Camping For The High-Maintenance Set
Six Tips For Having An Unbelievable Staycation
Slutty Dancing Crackdown At Britney Spears' Concert!
Fashionista Barbie Invites You To Do Her Dance
Tripping Out: The Top 10 Dos And Don’ts Of Vacationing Together
The Frizzy Hair/Nice Nails Trade-Off
Watch Lily Allen Seriously Work The Camera
D-Vision Natural Plates For Natural Shapes
This Month In The Lady Mags: Fall Fashion. What Else?
What Do You Make Of American Apparel's "Bag-O-Scraps"?
Quick Pic: Now This Is How You Punish A Cheater!
The Real World: Does Having A Threesome Make You A Skank?
John Schools: Like AA Meetings For Dudes Who Hire Prostitutes
Is It Dangerous to Have a Skinny Fat Mindset?
LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Are, Like, Official Now
Are Distressed Jeans Ever Worth The Money?
Stalk Your Ex-Girlfriend? There's An App For That!
Look! A Woman With Two Vaginas!
The Frisky Guidebook: The Mile-High City
Jason Biggs Gets Attacked By A Monkey (Seriously)
11 Celebs We Want To Ban From Breeding
"Heathers" The TV Show: Our '80s Prayers Have Been Answered!
New Arrivals: Kate Moss For Topshop Looking Lovely
Dating Don'ts: Four Signs He's Not The One
Quick Pic: "Look, Ma! No Hands!"
(Another) Quote Of The Day: Tori Amos Thinks Lady Gaga Is A Meteor
Star Couplings: Britney Spears Is Supposedly Single Again
Pick Up Your Doggie's Doo-Doo In Style
Quote of the Day: Evan Rachel Wood Says All Vampires Are Bisexual
I Yabba Dabba Doo: A "Flintstones" Wedding, And Other TV-Themed Nuptials
Voicemail From A Crazy Person
Fashion Photographer Solve Sundsbo Turns Design Collaborator
Cindy Crawford And Other Celebs Who Can't Shut Up About Their Cellulite
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