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Video: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Kills Edward Cullen!
Star Couplings: Kevin Jonas Is Engaged!
Gucci Releases New Jackie Bag Line
Is Beyoncé's New Juniors Line Too Fierce?
Caroline Manzo Makes It Clear She Won't Be Forgiving Danielle Staub
Fantasy Film: Seth Rogen Wants To Make "Memories" With Babs
Marilyn Minter Sure Makes Meringue Look Sexy
Quick Pic: R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett
Would You Like To Date Jon Gosselin?
Quickies!: Man Puts A Ring On It During Beyonce Concert
Summer Scents You Can Spritz On The Go!
Dear Blake Lively, Please Get A Stylist
Overweight Moms Underestimate Child's Weight
Oprah Gets A Comic Book
Gallery: Celebrities Who Fantasy Cast Imaginary Movies About Themselves
A Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture And Six Other Weird Tributes
Twiggy And Other Supermodels Over 35
Anna Kournikova Can Fight?
I Wanna Dress Like: Public Enemies
Danielle Staub Was Josh Duhamel's Girlfriend On "All My Children" In 2001
Jenny Sanford Blames The Gays For Her Husband's Affair
What The Founding Fathers Think Of The Frisky
Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Officer Discharged From The Army After Saying He's Gay
A Cheerleading Tazer Attack
How Do I Keep My Independence When I Move In With My Guy?
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Farrah's Dying Wish, Michael's "Murder," And Kendra's Wedding
Gallery: Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirts
NPR Disses Jodi Picoult And Calls Her Books "Lurid"
Crave: Nerdist "Nice Tweets" Tee
Anna Paquin And Stephen Moyer Box? Other Kinky Celeb Couple Rituals
Mind Of Man: Def Leppard Was Right, Love Hurts
Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Exfoliate With These Scrubs!
Now You Can Zap Your Cramps Away
Celebrity Death Rumors Are Just Plain Stupid
I Love My Cell Phone More Than...
Air New Zealand Does A Nudie Air Safety Video
Quick Pic: Vintage Coke Can Designs
Confessions Of A Video Vixen Goes Visual
Legendary Thespian Penises: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Lower Abortion Rates By Paying Women To Stay Pregnant? I Think Not.
New Year's Resolution Check-In
Is Height The New Weight?
Quote Of The Day: Sarah Silverman Won't Make Fat Jokes
Twiggy And Other Successful Supermodels Over 35
Twiggy And Other Successful Supermodels Over 35
Television's Worst Problem Children
Quick Pic: Is Seann William Scott's Denim Suit Hot Or Not?
Passive Aggressive Behavior And Why It's OK, Sometimes
Emma Watson Tells Teen Vogue She's Not Into The Fame Thing
Is That A Squirrel In Your Bra?
Dating Amelia: Closure Can Be Bittersweet
Mark Sanford's An Even Worse Husband Than We Originally Thought
Gallery: Amy Winehouse Greeting Cards?
How To Have Casual Sex
Pukey Microsoft Explorer Commercial
Freezing Eggs Now Does Not Mean A Baby Later
How To Dress Big Boobs
Quick Pic: For Love Of The King
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Are Your Style Dealbreakers?
Pina Bausch, Revolutionary Modern Dance Choreographer, Dies At 68
Star Couplings: The Real Father Of Two Jackson Kids Revealed
Quick Pic: Bradley Cooper Continues To Show Meh Taste In Women
Romance 2.0: Dude Proposes To Girlfriend On Twitter
"NYC Prep": Episode Two Brings On Awkward Drama
Girls Kissing Girls: A "Disturbing New Trend"
Leighton Meester One-Ups Little J In Her New Music Video
Make Yourself Hawt And Popular With A "Boob Circle" Photo
Saudi Women Get Designer Abayas From John Galliano, Nina Ricci And More
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