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Quickies!: Grace Jones Shows Lady Gaga How Authentic Eccentrics Dress
Hollywood Cops Hit A Woman's Car. And Then Pin The Blame On Her.
Style Buzz: Jackie O's Bday and Topshop Rumors
Trailer Park: "Funny People" And "Adam"
Cheerleader Sues Coach And High School For $100 Million
Happy Friday! It's The New Gossip Video
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of July 31st 2009
Etsy Find: Jenny Lee Fowler Leaf Silhouettes
Summer Is Bad For Women's Health
From MTV To Art: "The Hills" In Pastels
Now You Too Can Be As Pretty As "The Nanny"
Quick Pic: Kelly Clarkson, Hold Your Tongue!
Has Michael Cera Broken Charlyne Yi's Paper Heart?
Support Victims Of Domestic Violence With Just A Few Simple Clicks
Woman Jumps In Front Of Train, Search For Body Ends In Her Bed
Susan Sarandon Pole Dances With Her Daughter, Plus Other Wack Celeb Parent-Child Bonding
Dubai Doesn't Want To Play Host To "Sex and the City"
Lindsay Lohan Wants Marilyn Monroe's Role In "Some Like It Hot" Remake
Crave: Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection (Win One!)
Are You Offended By The C-Word?
Whoa! We Spend A Lot On Alternative Medicine
OK! Fakes A Cover. Nine Other Magazines Guilty Of The Same.
Sneak Preview: Dior Joaillerie's Skull Bling
Group Tries To Set World Record For "Mattress Dominoes"
Face Off: How To Tell If You Work At Abercrombie Or American Apparel
Converse Presents Heavy Metal All Stars
Quick Pic: Tyra Banks Gets Held Back In Modeling 101
The 30-Day Breakup Guide Will Be Here When You Need It
Swedish Lesbians Hogging The Sperm Bank Stockpile
Roseanne Barr Thinks She's Hitler And Dresses Like Him, Too
Doofy Husbands In Commercials Are Really, Really, Really Dumb
Nothing Comes Between Rihanna And Her Nippies
Wet Dream: New Bikini Disappears In Water
The Stunning Downfall Of Jude Law
Would The "Beer Summit" Had Happened If Women Were Involved?
Poll: Will An "Ugly Betty" Makeover Ruin The Show?
May We Suggest A Haircut?
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Recap: "I Eat Bitches Like You Everyday!"
Shake Weight: The Exercise Tool For Sexytimes
"Amelia" Tells The Story Of The Legendary Aviatrix
And Jude Law's Baby Mama Is ...
Decode My Dream: My Ex Is Trying To Kill Me!
Who Should Obama Broker A Peace Deal With Next?
Amy Poehler Brings The Funny Back To SNL Weekend Update
DIY Dating in the Dark
National Portrait Gallery To Commemorate Twiggy
Anderson Cooper Prods Jillian Harris About Her Sexy Times
Gallery: Temp Furniture You'll Want To Keep Around
Is Gossiping Ever Good?
The Peasant Top Is Back ... Whether You Like It Or Not
Eminem's New Song Disses Mariah. AGAIN.
Star Couplings: Jude Law's Baby Mama Revealed ... We Think
The Dark Side Of Being A Flight Attendant
Quote Of The Day: Judd Apatow & Seth Rogen Hate Katherine Heigl Too
Today's Lady News: Study Finds Feminists Actually Don't Hate Men. Um, Duh.
George Clooney's New Girlfriend Is His Best Yet!
Is William Shatner Obsessed With Sarah Palin?
Flowchart: What To Do When You Get Stood Up
How Exciting Is The Return Of Charles Jourdan?
Dressing Like A Circus Freak Isn't An Insult Anymore
Vanity iPhone App Says You're Ugly!
Quickies!: Jeremy Piven Has Ideas For An Entourage Movie
Watch Out, Hackers Could Take Over Your iPhone!!!
Get Tested For STDs And Win An iPod Or Wii!
Rad (Hourani) Clothes On The Cheap
WTF?! Nike Releases Will Ferrell Sneaker
Quick Pic: On The Road Again
We Time Our Blinking So We Don't Miss The Action
Perpetually Pregnant Mother Tries To Keep Her 14th Baby
Hussein Chalayan Is 'Weirded Out' By Models Who Design Clothes. Is He Justified?
Crave: Rain Pumps Keep You High And Dry
Shiantology? We Propose Some Other Celebrity Religions.
"The Real World" Hits A New Low
Judd Apatow Writes Good Female Roles—For Leslie Mann
The 10 Best Of The Ikea 2010 Catalog
Quick Pic: Bikinis Are The New Parisian Streetwear
Woman Sends 34 Co-Workers To The Hospital By Spraying Stank Perfume
Sexual Spam Emails, Illustrated
Old, White Men Are Getting Fired First. Feels Good To Be A Woman?
William Shatner Performs Sarah Palin's Tweets, They Turn To Poetry
William Shatner Performs Sarah Palin's Tweets, They Turn To Poetry
Financial Opposites Attract
TV Shows That Are Complete Rip Offs
The "Househusbands Of Hollywood" Are True Home Boys
Sherri Shepherd Loses Her Bikini Wax Virginity
Crave: Gap Shrunken Schoolboy Blazer
Quick Pic: Is That Amy Adams Or A Stunt Double For Joan Holloway?
Get Excited, Tim Burton Is Coming To the Museum Of Modern Art
Topshop Goes Goth: Do We Like?
Stay Far, Far Away From This Yoga Farm!
Police Tear-Gas Mourners Who Gather 40 Days After Neda's Horrific Death
Newsweek Spreads The Polyamorous Love
"To The Guillotine!" Says Ikea
Yes, There Is Now A Snuggie For Dogs
Magic 8 Ball Says "Outlook Not So Good" for Stormy Daniels' Political Career
Quick Pic: Sonogram Cakes!
Gay Rights: What Would MLK Do?
Models Live Messily, Just Like Us!
Estelle And Rachel Roy Team Up For Jewelry Line
Jennifer Aniston Is A Puma
Rachelle Lefevre Replaced By Bryce Dallas Howard In Third "Twilight" Movie
Quick Pic: Does Anyone Need Stirrup Socks?
Today's Lady News: Schwarzenegger Cuts All Of CA's Funding For Domestic Violence Programs
Diane Keaton To Star On HBO Comedy As A Feminist Icon Running A Porn Mag
Would You Buy Your Pup A Sex Doll?
Slain Mother's Baby Found Alive
Anna Wintour: Public Enemy #1 Of Discount Shoppers?
Madonna's Newest Job: Newspaper Writer Episode 3
Boob Tube: What's On TV This Weekend
Adventures In Dating Ultra Hairy Guys
Four Cheap & Easy Dinner Party Tips, Courtesy Of Lauren Conrad
Quick Pic: This Better Not Mean What I Think It Means!
Dating Don'ts: To Tell Or Not To Tell?
The Rumor Mill: Topshop To Open In Brooklyn Next Year?!
British Illamasqua Makeup Has Arrived Stateside
One Person's Trash Is Another Person's ... Shrunken Head?
Duffel Bag Slideshow: Who Needs Alexander Wang, Anyway?
Star Couplings: Jude Law Is Having Another Baby!
The Rumor Mill: More Topshops In The New York Area!?
Is Katherine Heigl Annoying?
Is The New Knee Pad Trend For You?
Have A Baby Using Brad Pitt's Sperm (Sorta)!
Handy Dandy Chart: How To Tell If You Work At Abercrombie or American Apparel
Gina Carano Is The Female Face Of Mixed Martial Arts
15 Famous Pairs Of Panties We'd Pay To See In A Museum
Models Strip Down For Guitar Hero
An Indie Rock And Yoga Festival? Other Summer Gatherings Of Our Dreams
Poll: Would You Wear Underwear-Revealing Sheer Clothes?
Who Should Make The First Move?
Horror Stories: Outfits That Have Confused Your Boyfriends
Quickies!: Criminally Bad Hair In Mug Shots
Mila The Beluga Whale Saves A Drowning Woman
The Sartorialist + Hilary Duff Femme DKNY Ads Revealed
Two Women Fight For Rights In Afghanistan
The End Starts Here For Rodney Smith
Ciara's Ex-Hairstylist Spills The Goods
10 Canvas Shoes That Aren't Sneakers
Sudanese Journalist Beaten For Wearing Pants
New York Fashion Week May Change In A Major Way
Quote Of The Day: Diablo Cody On Walking The Red Carpet
Heidi Klum Has A Case Of "Pregnancy Brain"
Quick Pic: George Clooney's New Ride
Ed Hardy: When Is Enough, Enough?
Jillian Harris Penning A Book About Wieners
Girls Spouting Boobs A Year Earlier Than They Did A Decade Ago
Gallery: Get Your Lobster On
"Mad Men" Producers Tells January Jones To Gain Weight
Quick Pic: Rachael Taylor Likes Simple, White Underwear
Today In Terribleness: The Worst Edition, Ever.
Celeb Style On The Comic Con Red Carpet
Gallery: Celeb Concert Style
Tanning Beds Are Shockingly Bad For You
Why I Love Horror Movies
Super-Long Nails—Are They Back?
Dude Websites Observe A Megan Fox Blackout Day, But We'd Like To Issue Some Others
Crave: theBalm Hot Mama Shadow/Blush
Rag & Bone Eliminates Need For "Fat Jeans" And "Skinny Jeans"
Swine Flue Made Me Do It!
Female Red Wine Drinkers Are Horny!
15 Things That Are Bad For Men
Alcone's Lip Stamp Promises A Perfect Pout
Wedding Debt Can Last Longer Than Marriage
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Chelsea Clinton's Marriage? Jon Gosselin's Blossoming Love?
Please Help Lindsay Lohan Design Her Leggings Line!
"The Real Housewives Of Atlanta": What's Going To Happen In Season Two?
Girl Talk: What If You DO Need A Man?
A Mother Is Allergic To Her Baby
Rag & Bone Eliminates Need For "Fat Jeans" And "Skinny Jeans"
Sabrina Dehoff's Sneaker Jewelry Makes For Fancy Footwork
10 Reasons Chick Flicks Are Awesome
Should High Schools Offer Free STD and Pregnancy Tests For Students?
How I Became A Divorced Virgin
Quick Pic: Sheree Is Insane & Now So Is Her Hair
"Mad Men" Season 3: The Anticipation Is Killing Us
Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton Warns Kids About The Dangers Of Making A Sex Tape
Gisele's Airbrushing Gone Horribly Wrong
Mind Of Man: How To Talk Dirty
Jude Law In Drag And Other Highlights From The "RAGE" Trailer
Ay Caramba! These Ads Blow
Today's Lady News: Sarah Palin Killed The Radio Star?
"Real Housewife" NeNe Pens An Autobiography
"More To Love" Is About Female Insecurity, Not Body Size
Ay Caramba! This Ad Blows
Man Kisses His Mother On The Lips, Grosses Out Wife
Does Hairy Backvertising Go Too Far?
5 Reasons To Wear Harem Pants Now
Models -- (They Blog) Just Like Us!
NYC Prep Recap: True Colors?
Should Anorexic Men Or Women Be Allowed In The Gym?
11 Compact Mirrors Cute Enough To Show Off
New York Fashion Week May Change In A Major Way
Diddy's Most Ego-Tastic Moments
Star Couplings: Is Madonna Still In Love With Guy Ritchie?
Quick Pic: "But Drew, I Can Bench 300 Now!"
How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Yoga Duds?
"More To Love" Actually Sweet, Not Horribly Exploitative
7 Traits Of Irresistible Men
Japanese Women Turn To Hostess Clubs For Jobs
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