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Quickies!: Is This The Next Chris Brown?
Olay Taps Twiggy
Throw Your Child A Swine Flu Party!
Chillax At The Beach In The Ostrich Chair
Love Vandal: The Feeling Doesn't Always Pertain To Human Beings -- Or Living Things
Don't Mess With A Pissed Off Supermodel
Drop The Dough! Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough Contains Deadly E. Coli Strain!
Scientific Study: Do You Have What Men Want?
Cheetos, Cats, & Other Items Used As Weapons
Woman Allegedly Punched By NYC Cop
Get Hot Goods (In More Than One Way) For Cheap!
Shooting For Sperm
Gallery: MANriah And Other Singers Who Like To Cross-Dress
Quick Pic: How Many Hail Marys Will This Ad Agency Be Saying?
Album Drop: New Releases From Moby, Jeremih, Rob Thomas, and Wilco
Five Love Lessons From "Gone With The Wind"
5-Year-Old Is Sole Survivor Of A Plane Crash
The 2010 Met Ball Is Gonna Be Mini
Vibe Magazine Folds
Vanity Fair Says McCain Aides Disliked Sarah Palin As Much As (Some Of Us) Did
SexReally Tries (& Fails) To Explain Why Nice Guys Finish Last
The Frisky TV: What Are These Beauty Products For?
Rumor: Uniqlo Taking Over Gap?
You'll Have To Wait A While To Pick Up Kate Gosselin's Cookbook
Crave: Cardboard Safari Trophy
Breaking The Ten Commandments In Dating
Heath Ledger's Post-Mortem Vanity Fair Cover
Miami Social, Will You Watch?
Quick Pic: Johnny Depp Has Got Hungry Eyes
"More Sex" Recommended For Everything That Ails A Man
Fashion Gallery: Michelle Obama Knows Belts
Michael Jackson And Debbie Rowe Not The Birth Parents Of Their Three Kids
BBC's Hard News Reporting: Deranged Teens Obsessed With Japanese Fashion
Lisa Marie Calls Michael Jackson "A Passionate Lover"
"American Psycho" Author Loves The Hills
Sasha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" Premiere Appearances Are Amazing!
VH1 Gets Spicy
Venice Gets Its First Female Gondolier
Quick Pic: Rihanna Does Her Best Stormtrooper Impression
American Apparel Diversifies Its Offerings With Bedding
Quote Of The Day: Is Nora Ephron A Pessimist? Or A Realist?
Quick Pic: Chocolate Covered Fashion
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Boytaurs
Gallery: MJ Tributes, Free (Insert Poor Celeb) Tees, And Other Celeb-Inspired Shirts
What's The Link Between Abortion, Miscarriages And Premature Births?
You + Me = Us, Dating Height Calculus
Meghan McCain Wants Us To Forgive Mark Sanford
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker Shows Off The Twins
What You Need To Know About Your Prescriptions
Modern-Day Popeye And Olive Oyl
Wheelchairs You Control With Your Mind
A 14-Year-Old Author
Quick Pic: Gratuitous Photo Of Robert Pattinson
The Latest Michael Jackson News, From His Will To His Secret Final Project
Lindsay Lohan's Birthday Goes Swimmingly
Cool And Gross: Firefly Courtship Remarkably Similar To Our Own
How To Go Bleach Blonde (When Everyone Tells You Not To)
How To Curb Jealousy: A Green-Eyed Monster's Tips
Star Couplings: Jay-Z Still Hates Chris Brown
Quick Pic: Mariah Carey Got A Sex Change?
Does This Animal Rights Ad Go Too Far?
Animals That Die After They Lose Their Virginity
Gay Rodeo Clown
China Cracks The Whip On Porn
Brass Knuckles Made For Looking Good, Not Evil
Quick Pic: Hair Bows Are SO Two Months Ago
Oh Hell No: Denim Tube Tops For Men!
Why Can't We All Just Get Along (In The Lady Blogosphere)?
Liveblogging "The Bachelorette" For June 29th 2009
Quickies!: Rihanna Still Wants To Be Chris Brown's Friend?!
Christian Siriano For Payless 2.0
Lady Gaga Is A No-Show
Ask The Astrosexologist: Scorpio Man Lacks Communication Skills
Slideshow: Rock Awesomeness At The Glastonbury Music Festival
Why There's Still No Cure For Cancer
Remote Control: The Shows You'll Want To Watch The Week Of June 26th 2009
Short & (Not-So) Sweet: Polish Couple Divorces After 24-Hour Marriage
Advice For The Vertically Challenged
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Hairy-Chested Men
Quick Pic: A Face Only Its Owner Could Love
Hold Your Baby In Your Hand Before It's Born
What Your Body May Be Trying To Tell You
Facebook Is No Place For Baby Diarrhea
Mom Charged With Changing 200+ Grades For Daughter
Can You Guess The Real Housewives' Eyebrows?
Quick Pic: Not So Fast With The Thumbs Up, Ed Westwick
Are "Girlie Men" The New Heartthrobs?
Crave: A Dapper American Apparel Bow Tie
Kendra Wilkinson And Other Playmates Who've Gone Wholesome
Quick Pic: Is Erin Lucas' AC/DC Tattoo The Pits?
Only Hotties Get To Play On Centre Court At Wimbledon
A Second Look At Forever 21's New Plus Sized Line
Quick Pic: Some Like It Hot
"True Blood" Recap: Eric's Makeover, Sookie's Bull-Headed Attacker, & Jessica's Romance
Chanel's New Beauty Ambassadors—Who Are They?
Britney Is Not Dead, Her Twitter Account Was Just Hacked.
Raising A Child Without A Gender: Do Or Don't?
Gallery: Get Twinkle Toes With Jeweled Sandals
The 2009 BET Awards: The Good, Boring, And Horrendous Red Carpet Moments
Girl Talk: We're Moving In Together—After Three Months
Heels And Bikinis, Sexy Or Skanky?
Bernie Madoff Gets 150 Years In The Slammer
Decode My Dream: My Left Foot Fell Off!
Gap Introduces "Athleta" Line
Megan Fox's Stunt Double Has A Secret
Men, Manners And The Recession
Pancake Warmers And Other Extraneous Kitchen Gadgets
Vibrators Are Commonplace These Days -- Where Do You Hide Yours?
A "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" Mystery
Billy Mays, Everyone's Favorite Bearded Pitchman, Dies
Is There A John Edwards Sex Tape?
Michael Jackson's Autopsy Findings Are Totally Horrifying
Quick Pic: Tyra Banks Rocks Jackson Style At BET Awards
Swedes Can Now Let It All Hang Out Legally
Doin' It With Dr. V: Can You Have Sex With Food?
Quick Pic: Kendra Wilkinson's Classy Wedding
Janet Jackson Makes First Public Appearance At BET Awards
Why I Hated His Strip-Club Bachelor Party
Quick Pic: Work It, Hermione!
Star Couplings: Michael Jackson Wasn't The Biological Father Of Prince And Paris
Tributes: Michael Jackson Video Mashup
Quick Pic: Demonstration For Human Rights In Iran
Marrying A Much Older Man Made Me A Better Person
Bod Mod Trend: The Bagelheads
Oh. Hey. Your Accessories Are Freaking Me Out
Worship At The Church Of Heidi Montag
Gallery: One Pieces Sexier Than Bikinis
For The Week Of June 29-July 5, 2009
Johnny Depp And Other Celebrities Who Tip Well
Here's Looking at You Webcam
Daddy Issues: Seriously Over-The-Hill Fathers
Silvio Berlusconi Parties With Prostitutes. Other Politicians Who Are Hot For Call Girls.
How Much Financial Responsibility Should A 20-Something Have?
Seven Bizarre Restaurants That Will Make You Gag
Quick Pic: Double Rainbow Just In Time For Gay Pride Weekend
Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins Are Home. Other Celebrities And Their Surrogates.
Harry Potter And The Case Of The Raging Hormones
Now THIS Is A Michael Jackson Tribute
Daniel Radcliffe And Other Celeb Dudes Who Like Older Women
Models Who Tweet
Fashion Videos From Funny To Creepy
Men Who Get Better With Age
Best Bosses In Hollywood
Doggie Style: Accessories That Keep Your Pup Sane
Please Don't Tell Me How Great You Are
The Pale Girl's Guide To Summer Travel
Unfair Treatment Of Women In Domestic Violence Cases?
Brad Pitt Keeps Baby Brother Doug From Congress
The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky
Quickies!: Michael Jackson's Ex To Get Custody Of Kids?
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For June 27-28th 2009
Happy Friday!: Dogs On Water Slides
Trailer Park: "Cheri," "Transformers 2," "The Hurt Locker," "My Sister's Keeper"
Rihanna Is Back To Being A Cover Girl
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of June 26th 2009
Stupid Tabloid Claim Of The Week: Is Michelle Obama A Lush?!
Get The Look: Michael Jackson's Iconic Style
Etsy Find Of The Week: Keepsake Box Ring
Who Knew? Men Like Food Better Than Sex
The Secret To French Marriages?
Zac Efron And Breckin Meyer Mock Perez Hilton
Quick Pic: What Is The Point Of That Cardigan?
The New Fetish: Girls In Seat Belts?
Michael Jackson's Death Eerily Reminds Us Of Elvis
The Hollywood Madam To Marry Nevada's Brothel King?
Crave: Mario Badescu Facial Spray (Win One!)
Free Pinkberry Day! Five Facts About The Yogurty Goodness
Miyazaki's "Ponyo" Is One Fly Fishy
Domestic Violence Happens When No One Is Looking
Friends Pay Their Respects To MJ
Yes, I Have A Pierced Tongue, But No, I'm Not Who You Think
In Bed With ... Michael Vartan
Looking For 10K? Donate Your Eggs To Research
YouTube Life Lessons: Wash Yo Stanky Nuts!
Period Reducing Birth Control May Not Be Creepy, But It's Definitely Uncomfortable
Plus-Size Women Get Their Own Fashion Week, But Is That Enough?
Who Exactly Is Mark Sanford's "Maria?"
How To Initiate A Friendship
"Do You Remember The Time...": Childhood Michael Jackson Memories
Where Single Men Way Outnumber Single Women?
Celibacy In The City
Anna Sui Does "Gossip Girl" For Target
Quick Pic: I Don't Care If They're Comfy, These Shoes Are U-G-L-Y
Michael Jackson: The Latest News
And So The Michael Jackson Fairy Tale Begins
Madonna Dons Bunny Ears For Louis Vuitton
Nerd Girl Porn: Sexy Vampires
Anna Hathaway Proves Why "Romeo & Juliet" Isn't The Sexiest Shakespeare Play
Quick Pic: Human Baby Or Food Baby?
The Gift Of Giving, Courtesy Of Amy Winehouse
Star Couplings: Lisa Marie Presley Saddened By Michael Jackson's Death
Perez Hilton Was "Dubious" About Jackson's Heart Attack
Bruno Gives Conan O'Brien The Best Lap Dance Of His Life
Quick Pic: Johnny Depp, Namaste
Buy Gold From A Vending Machine
Gallery: Celebs Go To Washington
Grown Up Things For The Little Ones
Michael Jackson's Greatest Music Videos
Michael Jackson Dead At 50
Quickies!: Best Week Ever Helps Burger King Out With Offensive Slogans
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