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The Breakfast Clubbers: Where Are They Now?
Ridiculous Ego-Tastic Celeb Weddings
Gallery: The Worst Male Celebrity Hairstyles
What's Pro-Life About Murdering Doctors? Abortion Doctor Killed In Kansas
Beauty Test Drive: Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Pen
Gallery: What Do Pregnant Models Look Like?
The Best Après-Sun Products
Kate Gosselin Serves Up A Cookbook. We Wonder Why.
Survive The 9 To 5 After A Breakup
Gallery:The Worst Celeb Summer Fashion
10 Reasons We're Looking Forward To Tonight's MTV Movie Awards
Seeing Double—Celebs Whose New Loves Look Just Like Their Exes
Top Cities For Good (And Bad) Hair Days
Avon Calling: What We're Buying
Buff Bitches: Celebs With Six-Packs
Becca Bronzer Is Bitchin'
Gallery: Hollywood Goes To Broadway
How To Throw An Adult Slumber Party
Rich Bitches—The Highest Paid Super Models
Diamonds Aren't A Girl's Best Friend
Gallery: Passport To Sexy—Lingerie From Around The World
Tech Stuff For A Girlie Girl
Working Girl: How To Stay Sexy At The Office
Girl Scout Leader Embezzles Cookie Fund
Quickies!: Phil Spector Sentenced To 19 Years To Life
Anna Wintour Won't Put Rihanna On A Vogue Cover After Leaked Nudie Photos
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For May 30th-31st 2009
Quick Pic: Prince Charming
Trailer Park: "The Brothers Bloom," "Up," "Drag Me To Hell," And "What Goes Up"
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of May 29th 2009
Doin' It With Dr. V: Questioning The Queef
Liquid Blush That Won't Fade As It Heats Up
Get Your Rocks Off: The Perfect Summer Playlist
Kelly Rowland Is No Heidi Klum
Five Ways Men's Lives Would Be Better If Women Were In Charge
Cute Alert: Couple Celebrates Their 81st Anniversary
Crave: Apica Notebooks (Win One!)
Hug It Out! The Case For Showing More Affection
Putting A Lid On It: Tape Gives Women Eyes Creases
Quick Pic: We Love Taylor Swift This Much!
Can The Millionaire Matchmaker Help Me Find Love?
Not Getting Hit On At Bars? Change The Way You Hold Your Glass
1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions
When Men Aren't Buying Undies, The Economy Is In The Tank
Teen Sex Trend: Blow Jobs Are The New Goodnight Kiss!
Quick Pic: Justin Gaston Is Just One Of The Girls
Why Do Strong Women Like To Be Dominated?
"Idol" Judge Outs Adam Lambert On "The View"
How Good A Friend Should You Be To An Ex?
Fairfax High Crowns A Gay Male Prom Queen
This Month In Lady Mags: Beyonce And Bikini Bodies
Sex & Celluloid: "Antichrist" Gives Critics Castration Anxiety
Why Do Women...? Part Deux!
Quick Pic: Lily Allen, We Want Your Life
12 New Hotties You Can Begin Fantasizing About Now
Gallery: Obama In College, Even Cuter Than We Would Have Guessed
10 Inappropriate Times To Say "I Love You"
Poll: Would You Throw Away Your First Love To See What's Out There?
Star Couplings: Archie Proposes To Veronica
Levi Johnston Goes Shirtless, Poses With Baby Tripp For GQ
Branding HIV-Positive People?
Quick Pic: Are Brody Jenner & Kristin Cavallari Back Together?
The Boyfriend Experience
Bodysuits For Men Are Hardly Stunning
Is It Us, Or Are Domestic Violence PSAs Getting Stranger And Stranger?
Bristol Palin Was Offered A Car To Break Up With Levi
Quickies!: Rihanna May Testify In Chris Brown's Trial
Don't Miss Feministing's Five Year Anniversary Party
Why It Pays For Pilots To Get Divorced
Will Sonia Sotomayor Be Pro-Choice? Looks Like Maybe Not.
Quaint They Ain't: Inside The Homes Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Are You Ready For "The Tiny And Toya Show"?
Virginia Is For Frowners
Quick Pic: Is Nicole Kidman Pregnant?
Whose Home? Bueller?…Bueller?…Bueller?
Rihanna Is Kanye's New Candy Girl
For People Who Are Blind, Looks Still Matter
Diva Kate Gosselin Puts J. Lo Out Of Work
Crave: DiorShow Waterproof Mascara
20-Year-Old Lila Rose Emerges As Anti-Abortion Crusader
Everyone's Talking About Dick These Days
Get The Stank Out Of Your Weave With A Wig Purifier
What Was Your Best Sex Age?
Quick Pic: Sheryl Crow Knows The Best Way To Accessorize Is With Grover
Gallery: An Ode To Ice Queens Everywhere
Stripes Are Tame When It Comes To Patterned Tights
Is Your Scale Lying To You?
Quick Pic: Apparently Hugh Hefner's GF Doesn't Get A Clothing Allowance
Britney Spears Doesn't Know What's Appropriate At A Photo Shoot
New Vaginal Ring May Prevent HIV Infection And Pregnancy
Swiss Farm Boys Calendar Makes Us Want To Be Baaaaad
Hugging "Epidemic" So Out Of Control, Some Schools Are Banning It
Chris Brown Says "I Ain't A Monster" In New YouTube Video
Women Are In Charge Of Their Own Happiness
Dudes, Learn How To Shave Your Balls Properly
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: When Do You Decide You're Going To Bone Someone?
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Begins Her Walk Of Shame
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Move In Together
The "Real Housewives" Empire: D. C. And Beverly Hills Added To The Roster
It's Time To Lose Your Air Virginity
Star Couplings: Tila Tequila Pregnant!
Celebrities Are Hoarding All The Best Jobs
Sweet Overload: 15 Ways A Guy Can Overdo It
Quick Pic: Yo Jake, You Call That A Curveball?
Britney Spears' New Faux Perfume Attracts Gays
The Truth About Danielle From "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey"
Clubs With Sole: UK Vending Machines Now Stock Ballet Flats
Kooky Lingerie Inspires Bedroom Role Play
Quickies!: Pals Forgive Chris Brown (Too Quickly)
Pregnancy Is Not Stopping Women From Knocking Back A Few Cold Ones
Are You Game For Board Game Movies Or Just Bored?
Quick Pic: Robert Pattinson Shows Off His Pearly White ... Abs?
Katy Perry Plays Shun, Shag, Or Marry
Beyonce's "Ego" Video: Boring!
You've Heard Of Shoenistas? Well Get Into Sneakerheads!
Make It Stop: Jon & Kate Dominate The Tabloids
Jessica Simpson Gives Reality TV A Second Shot. But Why?
Did You Watch Simon Doonan's "Beautiful People"?
Quick Vid: See Spot Squat
Who's America's Sexiest Comedienne?
Photo Face-Off: Cindy Crawford Vs. Katy Perry
Crave: ACT Permanent Vegan Hair Color
Segregated Proms Still Exist
Five Things I Learned From Last Night's "Real Housewives Of New Jersey"
Quick Pic: Brooke Hogan's Album Cover Is Terrifying
12 Bad Things We'd Rather Hear Than "We're Just Friends"
Wet Blanket: Snuggie Towel For Summer
In Bed With Carla Bruni: Nudie Pic Of France's First Lady For Sale
Quick Pic: Madonna Never Looked So Good (Snicker)
Was "American Idol" Fixed?
Blondes: They're Just Like Us!
"The Real Housewives Of New Jersey": Danielle Staub Is The Ultimate Villainess
Five Ways Sex Makes You Beautiful
Note To Relationships Authors: Dating Is Nothing Like Shopping
Battery-Charged Dress Perfect For Those Who Demand The Spotlight
12 Adorable Sex Toys You'll Totally Aww Over
India Bans Internet Porn
Mind Of Man: Losing Your Virginity Is Totes Awkward
Celeb Guys Who Are Prettier Than You
A New Ink Makes Tattoos Almost Removable
13 Male Habits the World Could Do Without
Quick Pic: Drew Barrymore Shows Her True Colors
Star Couplings: Merv Griffin Had A Secret Homosexual Past
Adding Bling Where The Sun Don't Shine
Why Do Women...?
Gallery: Octo-Mel And Our Other Favorite Octo-Celebs
Weird And Wacky Ways To Get Your Daily SPF
Quick Pic: Mandy Moore Sings A (Sad?) Song
Ass Fashion: Bootylicious Looks That'll Have People Staring
Celebs Come Out To Support Gay Marriage
Quickies!: T.I. Heads To Prison For Gun Charges
Mad Science: Ladies Talk Way More Than Dudes
Album Drop: The Newest Releases From Mandy Moore, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, And Jenny Owen Youngs
Style Stealer: Michelle Williams' White Canvas Slip-Ons
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Movie Remake In The Works
Gallery: Late Blooming Celebrities Who Waited To Do The Deed
Hollywood Ladies + Obama Staffers = Romance?
Quick Pic: Karl Who?
Gallery: Early Bird Celebrities Who Lost Their V-Card Young
Mohawk Weave: Rad Or Ridiculous?
Crave: Marc By Marc Jacobs Swimwear
Three Words We Don't Want To Hear After Sex
Shoot-Out Bachelorette Parties For Shotgun Brides?
Quick Pic: Guy Ritchie Has A Blonde Moment
Tweet From The Grave!
American Girl To Introduce Jewish Doll
Itty Bitty Titties Get Their Own Small Boob Support Group
Love Vandal: Greetings From Prague!
Masturbation: Good For Back Pain & Your Self-Esteem Too!
Rappers Run Out Of Bling, The Recession's Gone Too Far!
Quick Pic: Audrina Patridge Doesn't Play An Angel On TV...
Five Things To Know About Sonia Sotomayor
California Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8
Mom Gives Daughter Botox As Present, Daughter Becomes Addicted
Shun, Shag, or Marry?: Johnny Depp, Colin Farell, And Jude Law Star In "Doctor Parnassus"
Lily Allen Calls Susan Boyle "Over-Rated"
Sasha Grey’s R-Rated Role, Plus Other Porn Stars Who've Gone Legit
Human Sperm: An Effective Skin Softener
First Date Dos and Don'ts
Quick Pic: Let Her Eat Cake!
Shopping Guide: The Best Places To Blow Your Paycheck In LaLa Land
Quick Pic: Who's Hiding Behind That Lens?
Star Couplings: Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Is Pregnant
Jon And Kate Plus 8 Premieres, Still Hating The "Media Storm"
Quote Of The Day: Brooke Shields Wishes She Had Done It Earlier
Recapping "The Bachelorette" Since Liveblogging Just Didn't Happen
Susan Boyle Got A Brand New Tune
Quirky Summer PJs
Gallery: Elle MacPherson And Other Famous Celebrity Aliases
Ask The Astrosexologist: Can My Virgo Crush Get Over Our Age Difference?
Crave: Verameat Lucky Flower Ring
Tricked-Out Designer Rides
Keepin' It Classy: Making Plans With Friends
Attack Of The Crazy Headbands!
Ten Things I'd Love To Tell My Younger Self
Lightweight Jackets For Warmish Weather
For The Week Of May 25-31, 2009
Nice Legs, Joe Namath!
Ice, Ice Baby: Katharina Ludwig's Ice Jewelry
Celebrity Airport Style: From Plain Busted To Poshed Out
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