Archives: April, 2009

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Sexy Or Sexist? Marie Claire's Ads Feature Women Holding Their Own Decapitated Heads
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Bares Side Cleavage
Loomstate's Target Collection Debuts, Hits Bullseye
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Modern Love, From Newspaper Column To TV Show
Love Vandal: Greetings From The Great Wall
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Earth Week Field Guide: The Locavore
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Crave: Notorious
Steven Klein Goes "Clorox Blue"
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Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Google Stalk Your Dates?
Does This Make My Toes Look Fat?
Can You Tweet A Secret?
Recapping "Gossip Girl": Seder Anything
Quick Pic: Kanye West Carries A Fugly Murse
Seriously, Wear More Eye Makeup
100 "Single Ladies" In London
Hot Right Now: Male Bisexuality
Push-Up Underwear For Men
Perez Hilton & Miss California Face Off
Quick Pic: Wrinkles Are Beautiful
Google Users Prefer Hairy Bush
Star Couplings: Another "DWTS" Injury, But This Tough Guy Can Handle It
Slideshow: Celeb 'Rents Who Look Just Like Their Kids
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This Week In Sex News: Oral Contraceptives, Chlamydia Screenings, And Viagra For Girls
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A Casual Encounter Can Lead To A Planned Murder
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Forniphilia: Humans As Furniture, Totally Sexy!
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"Gossip Girl" Spinoff Looks A Lot Like "That '80s Show"
Should A Dude Blow Smoke Up Your Vag?
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Celebs Sweatin' It At The Coachella Music Festival
Commercials Sexualize Ovens And Stoves To Sell Products
You Won't Get Tested For STDs Unless You Ask
Dating Amelia: Cuddle Fridays, Rude Boys, & Mr. Plaid Glasses
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Would You Carry This Flower Bag?
Dealbreaker: The Twin Bed
The Man Bib Or The Hair Dickey
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Star Couplings: Jake Gyllenhaal Cops A Feel At Coachella
For The Week Of April 20-26, 2009
Miss California Prefers “Opposite Marriage”
Woo Hoo! Americans Can Visit Relatives In Cuba. Will The Rest Of Us Be Able To Go Soon?
Where's The Party At? The University Of Miami
Amanda Lepore Is Pretty In Pink
America's Malls In Crisis: Our Fave Mall Moments
Slideshow: Our Favorite On-Again-Off-Again Celebrity Couples
Shopping Guide: The Best Places To Blow Your Paycheck In New York City
Beauty How To: Cut Your Own Bangs -- If You Dare
Scary Spice Gets Hypnotized To Conquer Stage Fright. Does It Work?
Style On The Street: Nice Lookin' Shorts
The Lip Schtick Behind Mary Kay Cosmetics
Seven Lucky Places You Can Find Shirtless Guys
Find Your Own Puppy Love By Dating With Your Dog
Five Weird-Ass Facials
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The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For April 18-19th 2009
Doin' It With Dr. V: How To Put A Condom On With Your Mouth
Quick Pic: Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Sunburn
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 17th 2009
Quick Pic: Josh Hartnett's New Girlfriend Is Smokin'
The 16th Minute Of Fame: Audrina Patridge Leaves "The Hills" For New Spin-off Show
Sarah Palin Once Considered Abortion
Twitter Tirades: Oprah Joined Twitter, But Shaq Thinks She Has A Lot To Learn
Crave: Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte (Win A Copy!)
50-Year-Old Woman Spends $15,000 To Look Like Her Daughter
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ZOMG! Cameron Diaz Shaves Her Head!
When Being A Blonde Isn’t So Fun
What Does A $4000 Swimsuit Look Like?
Nerd Girl Porn: The New Star Trek Cast
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Hide Your Sons! The Hyena Comes Out To Prey
The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman
Look At This F**king Hipster
What Is A Boy?
Chris Cunningham Creates Weird Supergirl Ad For Gucci
How To Wear Shorts (And Not Feel Like A Camper)
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Women More Likely To Have A Baby Than A Husband By Age 25
Senryu: Break Through Your Breakup In 17 Syllables
Star Couplings: Patrick Swayze Has Made Peace With His Cancer
Seven (Inches) Or Better
Quick Pic: Drew Barrymore Goes Boho For The L.A. "Grey Gardens" Premiere
Quickies!: "sTori" Reading At The A-List Awards
Hulk Hogan Says He "Gets" O.J.
Boutique of the Week:
Susan Boyle Dreamed A Dream. Five Facts About The "Britain's Got Talent" Sensation.
“Grey Gardens” Style: Are You More Of A Bouvier Or A Beale?
Quick Pic: Liev And Naomi Count The Seconds Until Their Run Is Over
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: HIV
HBO Developing TV Show About Women's Studies Professor
Crave: Smocks Aprons
Why I Ditched Gwyneth Paltrow's Detox Cleanse
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The C(o)untess Is Forced To Eat Humble Pie
Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Virgin Virgo Want To Sow His Wild Oats?
Which Chick Flick Character Are You?
Who Is Gwyneth Paltrow's "Frenemy"?
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10 Reasons You’re A Twitter Loser
Barack And Michelle Obama Action Figures -- Guns Included!
Quote Of The Day: Matthew McConaughey Really Does Need A Map
The Upside Of Being Single In A Recession
New Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience"
Dish The Dirt On Your Ex
Quick Pic: Zac Posen And Coco Rocha Share A Dress
Dating Don'ts: How To Keep A Dry Spell From Turning Into A Bad Smell
Star Couplings: Heidi Klum Is Knocked Up
Slideshow: Get Drew's "Grey Gardens" Red Carpet Look For Cheap!
Let's Just Declare Today "Drew Barrymore Day" Because We Can't Get Enough
Quick Pic: Lady Gaga Snaps Back At The Paparazzi
Quickies!: A "Housewife" Takes A Ride On The Village Bicycle
Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Ad, Plus Paris Hilton & James Franco Also Self-Satirize.
We See Chick Flicks: "Grey Gardens"
Michelle Obama Fashion Watch: Pocketgate!
Quick Pic: Paris Hilton’s New BF Is Wearing A Backpack ...
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys With Laptops
Zooey Deschanel Cashes In Without Selling Out
Crave: "French Milk" By Lucy Knisley
Mel Gibson's Billion-Dollar Divorce
Quick Pic: Bo Obama & The First Family Go On A Walk
Cassie Shaves Half Her Head And The 11 Craziest Celeb Hair Makeovers
German Pop Star Arrested For Possibly Giving Sex Partner HIV
Topshop Opening Day Line Was Publicity Stunt
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Often Do You Get Tested?
Little Edie's Fashion Rules
Quick Pic: Rachel McAdams Rocks Emo Bangs
Mind Of Man: Here’s Why We Don’t Call You Back
Michelle Obama: The Girls Look Up To Beyonce
Tips From A Recessionista: 15 Tips For Throwing A Budget Wedding
Twitter Tirades: Dr. Drew And Perez Hilton Diagnose And Discuss Lindsay Lohan
Doing Your Taxes Can Be Very Sexually Rewarding
Quick Pic: Yes, It's Still Winter
Keira Knightley And Sienna Miller Fight Over A Man In "The Edge Of Love"
Star Couplings: Justin Long Joins Drew Barrymore At Grey Gardens Premiere
New York's Finest Come Out To Toast "Grey Gardens"
10 Reasons To Flirt With A Married Man
Quick Pic: Heidi, Seal, And Spawn Marvel At T-Rex
Quickies!: Lil' Wayne Needed More Parental Supervision As A Child
Love Vandal: Nicknames Are Just The Cutest
Attack Of The Drug Resistant Acne!
Quote Of The Day: Blake Lively Is The Man
Quick Pic: Johnny Depp Drives A Teeny, Tiny Car
Have A Seat! Potty Parity Laws Deck Stadiums With More Stalls For Women
Luxury Jewelry Retailers Offer 50 to 70 Percent Off!
Paul Rudd Goes To "Sesame Street" & Reads Smut Outloud
Crave: Metric's Fantasies
"Hannah Montana" Proves Girls Rule At The Box Office And On YouTube
Quick Pic: Kathie Lee Is Verklempt
Peeping Tom: Peek Into Some Of The Smallest, Coolest Homes
Sperm Have To Be "Turned On" To Fertilize An Egg
Who Should Be The New NonSociety Girl?
John McCain Disses Sarah Palin On "The Tonight Show"
Bravo Seeks Would-Be Celebrity Designers For New Reality Show
Quick Pic: Seriously, Would You Let Your Child Hug Amy Winehouse?
The Big Beautiful Woman's Guide To Wearing American Apparel
Booze 101: Stock A Liquor Cabinet Like A Big Girl
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: Gonorrhea
Beauty How-To: Clean Makeup Brushes
Dancing With The Stars: Shawn Johnson Gets Prom'd By Boner Boy
Beauty How-To: Make You Lips Bigger Without Surgery
Quick Pic: Kelly Taylor Goes In For A Kiss
Beauty How-To: Remove Blackheads
Use A Condom Or Your Accidental Pregnancy Could Birth The Next Hitler
Beauty How-To: Hide A Cold Sore
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Joins eHarmony?