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Quickies!: Ben And Dodger Have A Love/Hate Relationship
Five Things To Know About Alexa Chung
Swine Flu Dampens Lebanese Kissing Custom
Elizabeth Edwards Spills The Beans On Her Husband's Affair
Quick Pic: Eve Thanks God For Her Sweet Haircut
Real Dragon Ladies Fake Death To Avoid Sex
Quick Pic: John Legend Likes It Ruff
Ask The Astrosexologist: Can Our Long Distance Love Last?
Crave: Lulu’s Pleated Dress
The 100th Episode Of “Lost”: Everyone's Got Mommy Issues
Quick Pic: Run, Justin, Run For Your Life!
A Tea Set For Fun-Loving Ladies
Online Dating Dos And Don'ts
Quick Pic: Sparkles! Pink Wheels! Kelly Osbourne’s Roller Skates Are Fabulous!
Height Is Just A Number
"Outrage" Documentary Outs Allegedly Gay Conservatives
Quick Pic: "That's My 40 Oz.!"
Pageant Organization Paid For Miss California's Boobs
Mind Of Man: The Types Of Women That Really Turn Us On
Quick Pic: Who Is Pink Flipping Off?
Kim Kardashian Goes All J.Lo And Other Celebs Who've Morphed Into Twins
Quote Of The Day: Lady GaGa Suffers From Modern Female Dating Disorder!
Quick Pic: Brad Pitt's Got Your Back
Dating Don'ts: Five Dating Habits That Toe The Line Between Cute And Crazy
Star Couplings: Chace Crawford Is Leaving Ed Westwick
The Real Housewives Of New York City: The Trick Guy Theory
Quick Pic: Heidi And Spencer Need To Be Quarantined
Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" Video
Quickies!: Sean Penn Files For Divorce Again
Your Mom Is Special, So Her Mother's Day Card Should Be, Too!
Kate Moss Isn't Fat, But She Is Making Us Feel More Comfortable With Our Bodies
Twitter Tirades: From Insipid News-Sharers To Insightful Navel-Gazers
Quick Pic: Jennifer Garner Thinks Something Is Funny
People Mag's 100 Most Beautiful People Are Not Your Usual Suspects
The Beth Ditto Doll Doesn't Really Look Like Beth Ditto
I'm A Gilt Groupie And Proud Of It!
Quick Pic: SJP Goes Undercover
Crave: Slate Cheese Board Set
Carla Bruni's Stolen Photos: What Could She Be Hiding?
Quick Pic: Call Girl Needs To Get Deflowered!
The Top 10 Things You Learn When You're Heartbroken
Lady Gaga's Style Evolution
Quick Pic: Hugh Jackman Just Misses The Fist Pound
Barack Obama’s First 100 Days: The Five Best And Worst Moments
Quote Of The Day: Michelle Obama On What Makes A Girl Feel Beautiful
Quick Pic: Tyra Goes To Court
How Do You Heal A Broken Heart?
Five Things That Would Suck About A Woman Without A Mouth
Gallery: Studly Celebs In Their Skivvies
Quick Pic: Nicole Richie Teaches Harlow How To Wave To Her Fans
Quick Pic: Adrien Brody Surfs Onto The Red Carpet
What I Learned From Watching 500 Adult Films
Star Couplings: Sarah Jessica Parker Is Expecting Twins
The “Gossip Girl” Tour Of NYC, Plus Other TV Tours We’d Like To Take
Quick Pic: Paris Hilton's Enormous Doggie Bag
The Do's At The International Fantasy Hair Competition Are Giving Us Nightmares
Kris Allen Of “American Idol” Is Kick Awesome
Quickies!: Kelly Bensimon Should Leave "The Real Housewives"
Love Vandal: Banksy's Heart-Work
Domestic Violence PSA Too Violent For TV
Ms. Magazine: President Obama Is For The Ladies
Quick Pic: French First Lady Carla Bruni Realized She Wore White Before Memorial Day
Lilith Fair Returns To Rock Your Ovaries In 2010
Shut Up And Watch Katy Perry's "Waking Up In Vegas" Video
Wedding Showdown: Venice Lady Vs. Valley Girl
Quick Pic: Samantha Ronson Eats Lunch With Her Homies
Michelle Obama Is The First Lady Of The World
Crave: Emotibud Earbud Set
High School Survivor Hires Stripper To Attend Reunion In Her Place
Quick Pic: Oh, What A Tangled Web She Weaves!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Always Pay The Check On A Date?
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: AIDS
Get This Look: Golden Bad Girl Bea Arthur
Quick Pic: Katy Perry Protects Herself From The Swine Flu
Interracial Dating In "The Princess And The Frog" -- So What?
Quick Pic: Who Needs Pants When You Have A Scarf?
Are You Afflicted With Modern Female Dating Disorder?
Recapping "Gossip Girl": Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Quick Pic: "Why Is My Mom Wearing A Stupid Hat?"
Young Marriage: What's The Rush?
How To Wear Harem Pants
Quick Pic: The Family That Blocks The Sidewalk Together, Stays Together
Awesome Two-In-One Products
Star Couplings: Taylor Lautner Could Have A Real, Non-Vampire Girlfriend
USB Rechargeable Vibrator Offers Discreet Sensations
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Swims For Her Life!
Tracy Feith's Target GO International Line
Quickies!: Lady Gaga Had A Run-In With The Russian Popo
Cute Pig Products That Won't Give You The Swine Flu
How To Properly Tell Someone You're Not Interested In A Second Date
Camouflage Your Cuchini!
Poll: Is It Okay To Keep Money A Secret From Your Significant Other?
Five Dating Tips From Dorothy Zbornak
Judging Susan Boyle On Her Looks Was Mean, But Natural
Quick Pic: Lindsay Price And Her Man Go Strollin'
Crave: Uniqlo Romper By Steven Alan
"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Has Real Ties To Da' Mob
Quick Pic: You Boys Hungry For A Sandwich?
Carrie Prejean Thinks People Choose To Be Gay
Couple Holds Wacky Willy Wonka-Style Wedding
Quote Of The Day: Always A C(o)untess
Are Separate Beds The Kiss Of Death In A Relationship?
Saturn Edits Commercial To Eliminate Gender Stereotyping
Quick Pic: Jennifer Aniston Has Settled On A Baby Daddy
Dating Trend: Going Dutch
Kiss Across The Miles With A KissPhone
Quick Pic: One Big Hippie Family
16 Reasons To Date a Convict
Bea Arthur, Television’s Ballsiest Broad
Quick Pic: Pink Shakes A Tail Feather
Study Proves Women Are Never Satisfied With Their Weight
Star Couplings: Madonna And Jesus Luz Are On Again
Bea Arthur: Thanks For Being A Friend
For The Week Of April 27-May 3, 2009
Quick Pic: Two Homeless People On Bikes
Rock Stars' Kids Whose Closets We Want To Plunder
Hold That Diet Pill!
I Wanna Dress Like: Diana Ross
Embrace The Big And The Fake: How To Rock Costume Jewelry
Doin' It With Dr. V: The Truth About Oral Sex
K-Fed Offered A NutriSystem Spokesman Deal, Plus Other Losers!
Nice-Meeting-You-But-We're-Not-Dating Cards
Where Are All The Acid Wash Jeans?
Accessorize Like Susan Boyle And Get Your Own 15 Minutes Of Fame
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: Syphilis
Get In Dita Von Teese's Pants (Or At Least Her Bra)
Gaming Gore: Four Non-Violent Video Games
Beyonce Wants To Settle Down ... On Broadway
Bummer: The National Enquirer Is Keepin' It Real
Quote Of The Day: Tori Spelling On Shaving Your Pubes While Pregnant
Bob Barker Come On Down! Seven Facts About The Game Show Legend
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For April 25-26th 2009
Quickies!: Britney Spears Loses Her Hair Again
Do These Beer Cans Make You Thirsty?
Earth Week Field Guide: The Earth Mother
Sarah Haskins On "Tough Love"
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 24th 2009
Lesbian Is The New Black
Quick Pic: Kelly Clarkson! Amen!
Crave: ClinQs Reusable Drink Stickers
When Chloe Opens A Store, All Of Our Favorite Starlets Show Up In Cute Outfits
Quick Pic: Tennis Player Crosses A Line
In Bed With ... Tyson Beckford
Quick Pic: Kingston Rossdale's Sweet Combover
Dating Amelia: How To Tell Someone You're Not Interested
Seven Movies To Rent Instead of Going To See Beyonce's "Obsessed"
Quick Pic: Ed Westwick’s All This And A British Accent, Too
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Quick Pic: Ruppy, The Glow-In-The-Dark Puppy!
15 Things A Woman Notices About A Guy
Drew Barrymore: From "ET" To Edie Beale
Quick Pic: Ugly Betty Cast Hugs It Out
Former Miss California Speaks Out On Gay Marriage
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Pays A "Complicated Visit
Why I Love My Kid More Than My Husband
Quick Pic: Men In Designer Tights Do Well With The Ladies
Home Hair Color Gets A Recession Lift
Star Couplings: Miley Cyrus Has A Teenage Heart
Were You Born To Be A Porn Star?
Quick Pic: Honor Alba's Into Swinging
Shake The Baby iPhone Game
Quickies!: Susan Boyle Is Funny Too
Celebrity Weddings: Once Is Not Enough
Susan Boyle Offered Big Money To Lose Her V-Card On Film
Earth Week Field Guide: The Eco-Consumer
Quote Of The Day: Lorena Bobbitt Explains Why She Tossed Her Husband's Penis
Is This Fake Calvin Klein Bra Ad Sexist Or Just Clever?
What Were You Thinking The First Time You Had Sex?
Crave: Designboom Love Ring
Skeleton Jewelry For The Ghoulish Girl
Ask The Astrosexologist: Has My Taurus Lost Interest?
Quick Pic: Kate Moss Or Ziggy Stardust?
"American Idol" Bad Hair Hall Of Shame
Snuggies May Be Hazardous To Your Relationship
Working Retail Is Reality, Not Entertainment
The Skinny Bitches Go After Men
"Miracle Bra" Saves A Woman's Life!
Lindsay Lohan Opens Up To Ellen
Quick Pic: Lady Gaga Sure Did Pack A Lot Of Costumes!
15 Things That Are Worse Than Going To The Gynecologist
Poll: Does It Bother You When Guys Sit With Their Legs Crossed?
Gavin Rossdale's Ex-Girlfriend Is A Man, Baby!
Supreme Court Debates Strip Searching Middle Schoolers
Jessica Valenti Braves "The Today Show"
The Tyranny Of The Tardy
Quick Pic: Evan Rachel Wood Points And Laughs
Dating Don'ts: How To Deal With The Ambiguous Dater
Star Couplings: OctoMom Showed Her TaTas For Dollars
Your Vajayjay's First Protective Shield!
Trick Out Your Pad In Eco-Housewares
Quote Of The Day: Tim Gunn Is Alone And Loving It
How Many Catalogs Do You Get?
Quickies!: TMZ Wants You To Think Sasha Fierce Isn't The Best Singer
Five Celebs Who Hate Mother Earth
Earth Week Field Guide: The Righteous Recycler
Faith Hill As Twiggy
“The Real Housewives Of New York City”: Financial Lessons From Jill Zarin
Quick Pic: Even Traffic Cones Bow Down To Sasha Fierce
There's More To Helen Gurley Brown Than Sex
Gallery: Pop Your Cherry
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