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Baby (Boy) Got Back
Get Your Rocks Off: The Ultimate Sex Mix
Four Reasons Why Online Dating Is Recession Proof
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For February 28th-March 1st 2009
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Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of February 27th 2009
Poll: Would You Get Married In Pants?
Five Things To Know About White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers
Crave: Weleda Everon Lip Balm
Funny Business: Embarrassing Moments At The Gynecologist
Miss Manners: Public Restroom Etiquette
Get Off With iVibration
Father Knows Best: More Women Are Following In Dad's Footsteps
Doin' It With Dr. V: His Million Dollar Perineum
Recession Romance: When Women Bring Home The Bacon
Quote Of The Day: Diddy Live Twitters Tantric Sex
Two Teen Girls Arrested For Pimping
In Bed With ... Hugh Jackman
Off With Your Head!
Why Men Need You To Groom Them
Star Couplings: Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Tie The Knot
Frisky Hate Mail: We're All Pathetic Skanks
How Short Men Can Dress To Impress
Quickies!: Kanye's New Girl Amber Rose Was A Professional
Style How To: Braids Are Back!
OctoMom Being Wooed By Porn Companies
Poll: Can Women Wear Bow Ties?
Dita Von Teese Strips And Sings
Quote Of The Day: RuPaul On The Components Of Her Look
Study Shows That Beauty Is In The Gender Of The Beholder
Crave: Madewell For Topshop Boilersuit
"Obama Is Gay!" Plus 10 Other Tabloid Lies
Embrace Your Love Of "The Real Housewives"
Happy Pills: Drug-Inspired Accessories
He Said/She Said: A Guide To Flirting 2.0
Trend: Celebs Prove They're Not Deadbeat Dads By Designing Kids Clothing
10 Signs He's Just That Into You
Ask The Astrosexologist: Should I Try A Serious Relationship With My Virgo Man?
The Fear Of Infertility
Doing The Math: Is Red Wine Good Or Bad For You?
Dating Don'ts: Six Ways To Avoid Falling In Love
Star Couplings: Holly Madison and Criss Angel Call It Quits
Eight Hilariously Stupid Sex Stories
What Musicians In Formerly Popular Bands Do: Start A New Band
Quickies!: Paula Abdul Doesn't Like 4th Idol Judge & Meat Grinder Causes Accident With Penis
DABA Girls Are Bogus
Eight Things To Give Up For Lent
Sex On A First Date: Men And Women Continue To Disagree
Job Disqualifications: Eight Types Of Men You Can't Work With
How Same-Sex Marriage Could Save The Economy
Crave: Sterling Silver "Inspirational" Circle Necklace
Chris Brown Enrolls In Anger Management Classes
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Like To Be Dominated?
Mind Of Man: Stop Playing The Name Game
The Real Housewives Of The OC Reunion: Tamra Calls Gretchen Out
Hair Colors Decoded
Poll: Would You Wear This?
What's The Meanest Thing You've Done To A Dude?
If James Bond Were A Woman, He Would Wear This Swimsuit
25 Things About My Sexuality
I'm The Inside Spoon And I'm A Dude
Cook, Dress, & Drink Like A Porn Star
Star Couplings: Megan Fox Is Single Again
The Most Exciting Moments Of "The Hills," Season Five
When Cougars Attack: The Too Hot For Teacher Trend
OctoMom To Star In Porn Movie?
Quickies!: Adriana Lima Got Hitched And Penile Fractures Hurt
The Wobble-Inducing Heels Of London Fashion Week
The Willy Warmer Sweater Thong
How Much Could You Or Would You Charge An Ex, Post-Breakup?
Porn Is Getting Real About The Economy
When You've Worn Out Your High-End Sex Doll, Send It To The Repairman
If He's Smoking Hot, Natalie Portman Has Dated Him
Crave: Lace Beaded Topshop Jacket
Love Vandal: Points Off For Spelling
A "Real Housewives Of Orange County" Arrest And Secret Hookup
From Oscar Night To Airport Security: What Stars Wore While Traveling Home
Accessorize Your Way To A Thinner Look
Smell Like A Porn Star, Plus Five Inevitable Celebrity Fragrances
Hello, SM Kitty
Head Over Heels: The Physical Effects of Falling in Love
Sean Penn Omitted Wife From Speech On Purpose
The OctoMom Has An On Camera War Of Words With Her Own Mother
Quote Of The Day: Sean Penn Comments On Madonna's New Relationship
Star Couplings: Britney Spears Sneaks Calls To Former Manager
Video Game Allows Players To Rape And Force Abortions
Oscar Fashion Trend: Bib Necklaces
Liveblogging "The Bachelor" February 23rd 2009
Quickies!: Nicky Hilton Makes Citizen's Arrest, McSteamy Exiting "Grey's Anatomy" & Free Stuff
Spirited Fashions At The Independent Spirit Awards
Christian Siriano For Payless Looks Dangerously 'Meh'
Hugh Hefner Wants Kate Winslet And Every Other Female Celeb To Pose In Playboy
The Five Funniest Oscar Moments
Are Sean Penn And Robin Wright Penn Breaking Up?
Crave: Printed Canvas Ballet Flats
10 Men We'd Like To See Naked, Besides Oscar
10 Ingenious Infomercial Products
Spoiler Alert! Will We Really Know Who Papa Bach Loves On The Season Finale?
Who Is Amber Rose, Anyway?
Runway DJ: New York Fashion Week Music
Five Sexy Moves To Do In Public
Coming Soon! Forever 21 Swimwear
Dealbreaker: The Romantic Dirty Talker
Poll: Who Was The Worst Dressed Star At The Academy Awards?
Star Couplings: Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Are Adding To Their Family
Poll: Who Was The Best Dressed Star At The Academy Awards?
For The Week Of February 22-28, 2009
Quick Pic: Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Show Up, Skip The Red Carpet
More Celebrity Arrivals At The Academy Awards
Celebrity Arrivals At The Academy Awards
Liveblogging The Academy Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show!
Poll: Who Will Win Best Actress At The Academy Awards?
Poll: Who Will Win Best Actor At The Academy Awards?
Poll: What Will Win Best Picture At The Academy Awards?
10 Weird Human Sex Facts
QVC And HSN Are Awesome!
Will Hugh Jackman Be A Successful Oscar Host?
Quote Of The Day: James Franco On Locking Lips With Sean Penn
Book Smart: Oscar Reads "Frost/Nixon"
10 Most Outrageous Oscar Moments
Say What?! Four Totally Bizarre News Stories
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For February 21st-22nd 2009
Quickies!: Aubrey O'Day Tongues Someone New & How To Dress Thin
Terminal Cancer Isn't Stopping Reality TV Star Jade Goody From Being Camera Shy
Robert Pattinson Turns Down Chance To Make Music For "New Moon"
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of February 20th 2009
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Leifsdottir
What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?
Crave: Sun And Moon Jars
Play The Frisky's Oscar Bingo!
The Jewelry Of New York Fashion Week
10 Things To Know About Taraji P. Henson
Doin' It With Dr. V: The Man Who Took Too Long
Barbie Dream House Gets A Birthday Makeover
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Christian Siriano
23 Marriages And Counting
Quick Pic: Why Is Tori Spelling Freaking Out?
Poll: Would You Wear These?
Seth Rogan To Pose For Playboy
Fashion Slideshow: Trompe L'Oeil
Star Couplings: Is A.Rod Trying To Make Madonna Jealous?
Are You Having Trophy Sex?
Rihanna's Bumps And Bruises Speak For Themselves
10 Facts About Heels, The Shoes You Love (And Also Hate)
Quickies!: Potentially Offensive Cartoon, Snuggie Pub Crawl, & Conan Says Bye To NYC
New Details About "The Fashion Show" On Bravo
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Nanette Lepore
Lily Allen Copy Cats Rihanna's "Shhh" Tattoo
Quote Of The Day: Even The Millionaire Matchmaker Can't Help Nadya Suleman
When Do We Get To Meet Our Husbands?
Three's A Trend: British Men Are Scary!
Crave: Peacock Plume Panties
Coregasm: Exercise Ecstacy
Quick Pic: Is This Model Bored, Tired Or Hungry?
10 Reasons It's Awesome To Pee Like A Girl
Face Off: Online Snooping Versus Stalking
The Latest In Flowers: Rainbow Roses
Nine Ways To Make The SATC Sequel Recession Friendly
Disney's First Black Princess
Ask The Astrosexologist: Should This Leo Wait For Her Virgo Man To Be Ready For Commitment?
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Milly
Selling Plastic Surgery?
Mind Of Man: When It Comes To Love, Chill Out
Book Smart: Oscar Reads "Milk"
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Talk About Money, Honey
Star Couplings: Katy Perry And Benji Madden Get Close In Sin City
Quick Pic: Oh, This Old Thing?
The 10 Hottest Black Bachelors
Quickies!: Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Are Headed To The Chapel
Cosmo's Orgasm That Killed!
Trend Watch: Manly Men Pamper Themselves With Polished Pedicures
The Nadya Suleman Saga Continues
Poll: Would You Wear This?
You Should Listen To Steve Harvey's Dating Advice
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Tibi
Crave: Luichiny Handy Boots
A Jerk-Loving Woman Explains Herself
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Really Turns You On?
The Atlanta Housewives Put The NYC And OC Housewives To Shame!
Living Alone And Loving It
Quick Pic: We Thought This Kind Of Hair Dryer Was Extinct
As Markets Fall, Heels Get Lower
Wooing Trend: Mix CDs
Jay McCarroll's Eleven Minutes
How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend In 44 Easy Steps
Star Couplings: Rihanna Still Loves Chris Brown
10 Awesome Black Fashion Designers
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Marc By Marc Jacobs
10 Shockingly Weird Animal Sex Habits!
Beauty Is Still Important During Singapore Recession
Quickies!: Meltworthy Britney Spears, Chris Brown Does Damage Control, & Facebook Users Are Pissed
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Tracy Reese
Quick Pic: "What Do You Think Of My SCARY Haute Couture Face?"
Poll: Would You Wear This?
Trend Alert! Colorful Leather Driving Gloves
Fashion Week Mad Libs: Marc Jacobs
The 10 Best Lesbian Kisses On The Boob Tube
Love Vandal: Good Thing Valentine's Day Is Over
Crave: Bumble Bee Necklace
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