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Quickies: "Thriller" Music Video Gets Major Recognition & Network TV's First Gay Sex Scene
7 Pretty Ways To Add Subtle Shine Tonight
A Decade Of Celebrity Hotness
Bottoms Up! New Year's Eve Pink Champagne Cocktail Recipe
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10 Crazy Fashion Trends That Never Took Off In 2009
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How To Make Your Hair And Makeup Last All Night
The Brief Is Back
2009: The Year Of The Real Girls
Lady Gaga And Perez Hilton Go Back To The '80s
What's New Year's Eve About To You?
What Are You Wearing For New Year's Eve?
Dating Don’ts: A Celebrity Primer
Cassette Tape Tie
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend's Great, But I Don't Think I Deserve Him."
What We Really Want To Know About Na'vi Sex
4 Celebrities Women Respect And Men Hate
Would You Hate Your Parents If They Named You Marijuana Pepsi?
Amelia's Best Posts Of 2009
Star Couplings: These Jokers Want To Make It Work
Decode My Dream: I Keep Having Sex Dreams About My Co-Worker!
Quotable: Justin Was The Cherry On Top Of Gabourey Sidibe's Golden Globes Sundae
Star Couplings: Brooke Mueller Didn't Change Her Story, Says Lawyer
Poll: How Will You Be Ringing In 2010?
This Baby Panda Wishes You A Happy New Year's Eve!
15 Beauty Trends From The Last Decade
Whatchu Doin' On New Year's Eve, Hot Stuff?
Quickies: Horrible Hairstyles & New Year's Eve Kiss Rules
Today's Lady News: Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin, The World's Most Admired Women
The 40 Biggest Celebrity Love Stories Of The '00s
11 Sparkly Shoes We Love
You'd Better Work!
"How To Lose Your Virginity," The Documentary
NirGaga: The Nirvana/Lady Gaga Mashup You Had No Idea You Needed In Your Life
8 Hot Drinks To Imbibe This New Year's Eve
Ooh, Snap: Did Target Copy Itself?
15 Accessories Under $100 For A Stylish New Year's Eve
Louis Vuitton And Damien Hirst Put Some Junk In Their Trunks
Pretty In Print: 10 Books You Can Judge By Their Covers
Quotable: Taylor Momsen Will Be Your Old, "Angsty" Landlady Someday
The 10 Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2009
Lindsay Lohan's New Clothes Line Sketches Are In!
"The Real World D.C." -- A Breakdown Of Who'll Stop Being Polite
Karen O Is Where The Wild Clothes Are
What Will Beauty Products Of The Future Be Like?
Catherine's Best Posts Of 2009
Does This Mean We'll See JWoww At Fashion Week?
Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide
Dear Wendy: "My Girlfriend's A Black Belt. Should I Be Worried?"
Jeggings Make Their Way Into the Dictionary, Really
The Fashion Peacekeepers: We've Seen Worse On Leighton Meester
The Top 10 Most, Uh, "Significant" Porn Movies Of The Decade
Gremlin Skirt: Creepy Or Sort Of Cute?
Fitting Into Old Jeans Is More Important Than Sex?
Mind Of Man: My New Year's Resolution
Urbanears Headphones
If You Want Midgets To Teach You Sex Moves From The Kama Sutra ...
12 Skanky Dresses NOT To Wear On New Year's Eve
Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Have An Intense Social Life
The Twitter Firsts Of 2009
Shocker! Employees Say Tyra Is A Tyrant
Star Couplings: Katy And Russell's Romantic Vacay & Tobey Maguire's Got A Spare Ring
Boobs Make The Perfect Champagne Coaster
Denise Richards, I Will Ghostwrite Your Tell-All
14 Things Every Man Should Know About Breasts
Forecast, Good: A Weather Channel Marriage Proposal
"Honey, What Time Is it?"
Poll: Do You Want Your Sexual Fantasies To Be Actualized?
A "Shocking" New Twist For This Season's "Bachelor"
Quotable: Someday Snooki's Prince Will Come (With Pickles)
The 10 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of The Decade
Quickies: The Snooki Punch, Doggy-Style
Love Vandal: Crushing News
Today's Lady News: The Geek Stereotype Keeps Girls From Studying Science
Quotable: Kevin Jonas' Wedding Sounds Royally Cheesy
Hair Model Citizens: The 10 Best Celeb Medium-Length Hair Moments Of The Decade
What—If Anything—Should Moms Teach Their Daughters About Hair Removal?
How Dare They Mess With Greatness?!
15 New Year's Eve Dresses Under $100
Breaking News! Taco Bell Will Make You Skinny!
Claw Your Way Down The Rabbit Hole
GuySpeak/GirlSpeak: From Booty Call to Boyfriend?
10 Stunning, Shocking Concert Costumes Of 2009
DIY Vintage-Looking Books
10 Outfit-Making Party Bags
Free Vacation To Test An Experimental Diarrhea Drug? It's Poo-fect!
Dude-Washing: A Marketing Strategy Aimed At Guys With Small Wieners
How Sexy Is Your Apartment?
The Adam & Eve Clutch—Fashion's Original Sin?
Shapewear That'll Suck You In And Sex You Up!
College Is For Boys
Could You Give Up Your Beauty Products For Home Remedies?
A Former Exotic Dancer Inspires Military Wives Through Burlesque
Quotable: Lindsay Lohan Threatens Us With More "Fashion"
Girl Talk: Instead Of "I'll Never," Here's What "I'll Always" Do In A Relationship
Dude Spends Christmas With Fembot Girlfriend
This Is An Ad For What Now?
A Decade Of Celebrity Girl Crushes
Korean W Gives Demi Moore Her Hip Back
DIY Light Brite
Kate's Best Posts Of 2009
Letter Claims Tiger Woods Got Hit In Mouth With A Golf Club And Is Recovering From Plastic Surgery
Spotted: Rihanna's Scary Spiked Suit At Topshop
365 Days In Paris: The Big Picture?
AE Cable Knit Studded Sweater
Crash Jewelry Wears It Like It Is
Star Couplings: Taylor Squared Is Dunzo
Angelina Gets Matchy-Matchy
Weird Or Genius: Breast-Like Baby Bottles
Dear Wendy: "How Long Should I Wait To Be Exclusive?"
Chinese Shopping Center Creates A Parking Lot Just For Chicks!
Quotable: Jude Law Has Had More Luck With Women As A "Bad Boy"
10 Fashion Trends We Could Have Done Without In 2009
Kim Kardashian Gets Pissed (On)
Fly Nerds Say: "I'm On A Mac"
Doin' It With Dr. V: 8 Must-Have Sex Toys
The Top 10 Twitter Wars Of 2009
Good Riddance To 2009!
Brooke Mueller's 911 Call Released
The Top Political Sex Scandals Of The Decade
Quickies: Ivana Trump Hates Kids & Khloe Kardashian Maybe Has A Miscarriage
Sandra Bernhard Will Not Let The Terrorists Win
Today's Lady News: Boomer Ladies Love Their Books
10 Worst Sex Scenes Of 2009
Remote Control: What TV Shows You'll Want To Watch The Week Of December 28th 2009
Lady Gaga Goes Heavy Metal
Sarah Palin Gets A Hair Makeover
Women & Hollywood: It Ain't Pretty
All The Most Over-Played Pop Songs Of 2009 In One Mashup!
Black, White And Givenchy All Over
Nice, Er, Tie, Uh, Scarf, Um, Tie-Scarf
2009: The Year In Celebrity Deaths
Could You Be Sitting On A Fashion Gold Mine?
10 Best Celebrity Hookups Of 2009
Bubbly, Bollywood-Style
Long-Sleeved Dresses That Aren't Short On Sexy
Is This A Photo Of JFK With Naked Chicks? Or Just Phony Baloney?
Sneak Preview: Sonia Rykiel For H&M, Take Two
Susannah's Best Posts Of 2009
The Decade In Icons
Who Do You Shop With?
Dress Up Your LBD With Some Comfy Gold Kicks
J.Lo Goes Denim Happy
Azumi & David Coffee Sleeve: Totally Ridiculous Or Eco-Conscious?
Girl Talk: Can A Relationship Become Too Comfortable Too Fast?
Quotable: Norah Jones' 30-Year-Old Friends Are Just Like Ours!
NY Times Realizes Fashion Bloggers Matter -- Three Months Late
Dear Wendy: "Why Is My Skin Color Such A Novelty To Men?"
Quick Vid: Lara Stone Shows How (Not) To Rob Chanel Boutiques
Boo! Tyra Banks Is Ending "The Tyra Show" This Year
How To Work Post-Holiday Sales
"I May Be A World Class D-Bag, But My Bod Is Still Hot"
Brooke Mueller Claimed Charlie Sheen Threatened Her With A Knife
Girl On Girl: No One Believes Me When I Tell Them I'm A Lesbian
Miss Oops JAKs
Merry Christmas, Wankers
The 10 Craziest Runway Moments Of 2009
The It Boot Of The Season Costs $1295, And It'll Never Go On Sale
Lily Allen Goes Topless Again In Harper's Bazaar Russia
Sex Diary: Four Months Pregnant And Not Gettin' Any
Celebrity Mate-Ups: Who We'd Match For Super Babies
Sorry, Girls -- There Are No Nice Guys
Jon Gosselin's Apartment Gets Trashed, Letter (And Knife!) Left Behind
Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Continue To Spectacularly Fail At Life
Would You Put A Portrait Of Yourself Over Your Bed?
Tips For Finding Love In 2010
Jessica's Best Posts Of 2009
The Raddest Random Blogs That Popped Up In 2009
Would Your Man Wear A Fanny Pack?
For The Week Of December 28, 2009-January 3, 2010
What Do We Think Of Christian Siriano's New Maternity Line?
Top 10 Breakup Songs Of 2009
10 Best Movie Soundtracks Of The Decade
Bad Vibrations
Simcha's Best Posts Of 2009
10 Boots Made For Walking (In The Snow)
Love Vandal: Unchanged Feelings
Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I End My Relationship With My Manipulative Ex-Husband?
Brittany Murphy's Final Movie Poster Freaks Us Out
Drink Up! Shaken And Stirred By Rachel Maddow
10 Worst Boyfriends And Husbands Of 2009
Erin's Best Posts Of 2009
Top 10 Sexiest Scenes Of 2009
The Best Red Carpet Looks Of 2009
10 Non-Dorky Laptop Cases
Quail Branches Out Into Super Cute Bridesmaid Dresses
The Top 10 Most Talked-About Diseases Of The Decade
Luxe For Less: Renting The Perfect Party Outfit
The Top 10 ‘70s Cover Songs In Recent Memory
8 Ex-Pat Celebs Enjoying Life Abroad
Jewish Girl Seeks "Goyfriend" for Christmas
14 Winter Hats To Keep Your Noggin Toasty Warm
10 Worst Boyfriends And Husbands Of The Decade
Charlie Sheen Arrested For Domestic Violence On Christmas
10 Best Movie Soundtracks of 2009
Trailer Park: "Nine," "It's Complicated," "Sherlock Holmes," "The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus"
The 10 Best Boyfriends And Husbands Of 2009
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