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Quickies: Serena Williams Is Penalized For "Threat" & Stem Cells Augment Boobs
DailyCandy's Swirl Has Head-Spinning Good Deals
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: Bondi Beach Local
A Cigarette Lighter As Paintbrush
Today's Lady News: A Low Libido Just Won't Do!
Put The Trends Down, Rihanna
Two Reasons To Get Excited If You're Obsessed With Kelly Cutrone
Jenny Sanford To Start A Clothing Line
Taylor Vs. Miranda's Style
7 Bizarro Celebrity Prenuptial Agreement Clauses
A Little Piece Of Lanvin You Can Actually Afford
Nothing Says Luxury Like A Bald, Wrinkly Cat
The $895 Infinity Dress—A Test Drive!
Tiger Woods Allegedly Told Wife "You've Ruined Thanksgiving!"
Print Society Makes It Easy To Find Artwork For Your Empty Walls
The 10 Juiciest Gossip Bits On Brad, Angie And Jen From The Dirt-Tastic New Book "Brangelina"
What Do Alligators Have To Do With The Recession?
Rare Ben Affleck Sighting
Remote Control: What You'll Want To Watch The Week Of November 30th 2009
Quick Tip Of The Day: Make Rain Boots Look New Again
Blind Item: Which Famous Athlete Isn't As Perfect As He Seems?
How Do We Feel About This Tribal Print Trend?
Scare Off Unwanted Suitors With This Ring
It's A Bird ... It's A Tree ... No, It's A Model
The Tabloids Consult Their Crystal Balls For Signs Of Celebrity Breakups
Is The Twilight Saga Making Pale Skin More Desireable?
Quotable: Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky Announce Their Engagement
Happy Birthday, Kitty: 10 Weirdest Hello Kitty Products
Multitasking: A Phone And Bracelet In One
Erin's Style Diary: Monday
Sex Diary: Awkward Groping, Meh-Makout, Ex-Tension, & An Emotionally Ambiguous Cuddle
Please Do Not Deposit Your Baby In The Trash Receptacle
Dig Out Your Scrunchies -- They're Back In Style!
Holiday Shopping List: For Grandpas
Men Who Should Come With Warning Labels
"Twilight" Love Story Has All The Components Of An Abusive Relationship
Cyber Monday: Your Click-To-Buy Gifts Cheat Sheet
365 Days In Paris: Post-Turkey Day Depression
Meryl Streep Scores Herself A "Vanity Fair" Cover
What Do You REALLY Want For Christmas This Year?
Dear Wendy: "I Don't Get Along With My Boyfriend's Friends"
Who Are These White House Party Crashers?
Helena Christensen Is Pro-Nudity Past 40
Girl Talk: Am I Really That Special?
French Marie Claire's Bedazzled Babies
Your Cordury Skirt Is a Sin
New Perez Hilton Book Out Tomorrow
Wild Tights To Keep You Hot & Sexy All Winter Long
Fun With Family: Roman Polanski Ruined My Thanksgiving
Chris Brown Un-Invited From "Good Morning America" Performance
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair!
Star Couplings: Tiger Woods' "Other Woman" Isn't Mistress, She Says
Were You Turkey Dropped This Weekend?
Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin!
Sex & Celluloid: What The Hell Is Wrong With Robert Pattinson?
Wrap Yourself In This Booty Buddy Blanket
For The Week Of November 30-December 6, 2009
Quotable: Patrick Stewart On Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence
Blind Item: The Real Reason Behind The Shaved Head Trend?
Season's Savings: Cozy Booties From Gap
Steal The Best Tips For Leather Boot Care From Hermès
Let Rachel Bilson Tell You What To Buy
10 Fancy Aprons To Make You Look More Than Presentable At Your Party
Holiday Comfort Food Reader Recipes: Crock-Pot Chili
How To Prettify Your Computer Cord Mess
12 Celebs Dish About Kissing Their Co-Stars
I Was Another Woman
Gifts For Every Type Of Guy
What Do You Wear To The Gym?
Beauty Test Drive: Benefit Babe Cake Eyeliner
Quotable: Sharon Stone Wants Japan To Eat Pancakes
Tiger Woods In A Car Crash And (Maybe) The Doghouse
7 Wool Blankets To Cuddle Under
At Home Beauty Treatment Test Drive: Olive Oil Hair Mask
Win This: Free Company 81 Clothes For Your Boo
Don't You Know Who I Am? 10 Celebs Go Unrecognized
10 Places To Store Your Jewelry
6 Hookups We'd Like To See On TV Next Season
You'll Be Seeing A Lot More Natalia Soon
6 Things Attracting You To Dudes
Quotable: Carolina Herrera On Less Than Ideal Customers
Joan Jett Bonds With KStew, Plus Other Actors Who've Met Those They've Portrayed
14 Totally Over The Top Necklaces We Love
Season's Savings! Monogrammed Stationery From TweeCards
Holiday Shopping List: For Grandmas
In Bed With ... Kellan Lutz
Trailer Park: "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee," "The Road," "Me And Orson Welles"
From "I Kissed A Boy" To "I Hit A Girl"
How To Make Your Jeans Fit After Eating Too Much Turkey
10 Female Celebs Who Turned 40 In 2009
What Makes Short Hair Chic And Not Mumsy?
How Do You Deal With Relationship Deception?
Animals Run Amok On Hollywood Sets
How To Strategically Attack Black Friday Sales
Black Friday: The Rundown
Season's Savings! Hot Air Balloon Studs from Catherine Marissa
Family Fun Or Family Feud? How To Handle This Thanksgiving
Holiday Shopping List: For Your Mom
What About The Male Models?
Check Out The Eye Shadow Technique Here!
Diary Of A Disabled Woman Seeking Love
Rihanna Favors Dangerous Clothes
Quotable: Sarah Palin Endorses Cannibalism
How To Tactfully Hit On A Cute Guy At Thanksgiving Dinner
Dating Don'ts: How To Ex-orcise Him From Your Life
How To Dress For Turkey Day At Your Boss's House
What The Frisky Is Thankful For In 2009...
Quickies: Sade To Release First Album In 10 Years & Racist Image Of Michelle Obama Taken Down
Today's Lady News: Fake "Rape" Was Apparently A Prank By Sacred Heart Lacrosse Players
Reindeer Poop Necklaces, For The Person Who Has Everything
Christian Louboutin Weirdly Obsessed With Cankles
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For November 28-29th 2009
Recession? What Recession?
iPhone App Investigates Your Date
Someone Got "Carrie"-d Away With Xmas
Glamorizing Or Objectifying? Women's B-Ball Stars In Ball Gowns
The Body Of A.J. Jewell To Be Exhumed For Second Autopsy
To Attract The Dudes, Follow The 40% Rule
The Difference Between Harry Potter And Edward Cullen
Season's Savings! "True Blood" Season One at F.Y.E
What's The Most Public Place You've Had Sex?
Britney Spears, There's An App For That
Shakira Has Lost Her Head
What To Wear When You're Playing Hostess
D.C. Gossip: Will Obama Make Hillary Clinton His Vice President?
Cheapskate: Sears (Yes, Sears)
More Products For Obscenely Lazy People!
Frisky Q&A: Norwegian Pop Star Annie On Her Tunes, Clothes, And Guys
"The Real World: D.C.": Looks Like That Series Has Finally Stopped Sucking
Blind Item: Which Couple Is Fakin' It For The Publicity?
Holiday Shopping List: For Dads
These Kids Dress Better Than You Do
Clearly, She's Not On Team Edward
Dear Wendy: "My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Porn"
Sexperts And Politicos Weigh In On The Top Sex Scandals
Sandra Bullock's Chola Makeover
Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Rachael Hates Martha? Jennifer And Jessica Still Want John Mayer?
Frisky Rant: Please Don't Bring Your Baby To A Rated "R" Movie
Hints Of Chris Brown On Rihanna's Rated R
Mind Of Man: The 5 Celebrities You Can Sleep With
The Obamas' State Dinner Not Quite A Rager
Donny Osmond Wins “Dancing With The Stars”
Celebs Are All Over The Honey-Colored Hair Trend
Hello Kitty Is Feeling Nipply
Quotable: About Those Shoes You're Wearing ...
Girl Talk: How Jordan Catalano Ruined My Love Life
The Frisky's Chic On The Street: A Sydney Classic
Is Leighton Meester The Next Mariah Carey?
Decode My Dream: My Girlfriend Is On Trial For Murder!
Quotable: Lady GaGa Does It For The Freaks
Star Couplings: Jennifer Lopez Gets Spanked On Tape
The 12 Most Controversial Kisses In Pop Culture
Heidi Montag Time Warps To The '80s For Her "Superficial" Album Cover
Japanese Dude Marries Virtual Girlfriend
The Muppets Do Queen And It Is Beautiful
Quotable: Christian Louboutin's Goal Is For You To Kick His Shoes Off
In Sickness And In Health...
Quotable: Rihanna's Original Name For Her New Album
Is Adam Lambert The Victim Of A Double Standard?
Quickies: John Mayer And Gerard Butler Talk Ladies' Man Life, Glambert Takes His Show To CBS
Today's Lady News: Another Week, Another College Gang Rape
Duh! Study Proves That Coed Dorms Encourage Sex And Drinking
Love Vandal: You Sound Good To Him
Watch The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Preview
A Look At Jane Aldridge's And Other Debs' Crillon Ball Gowns
Quotable: Taylor Lautner Is So Naive And Innocent
Blow On This Dress And Make A Wish
Why Lindsay Lohan Should Play Herself On The Big Screen
Stella McCartney's Latest Design For Gap Comes In Your Size
Confessions Of The Latest Madam To The Rich And Famous
Album Drop: This Week's New Releases, From Rihanna To Adam Lambert
Whisper Sweet Nothings Earrings
Newsweek Waves Goodbye To The '00s With "The Decade In 7 Minutes"
10 Most Scandalous Fashion Stories of 2009
Horror: Italian Group Tries To Cancel MTV's "Jersey Shore" Show
Beyonce's Spending Spree—What'd She Buy?
Season's Savings: Instant Beauty Emergency Kit From Clarins
Quotable: Supermodel Told To Get A Boob Job
Compared To The World's Tallest Model, You Are A Midget
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Much Porn Do You Watch?
What's Missing From This Picture?
Behold, The Tila Tequila Sex Tape!
Beyonce And Lady Gaga Behind The Scenes
Levi Johnston's Playgirl Shoot Reveals His "Eww, Gross!" Body Hair
Like Your Guy In A Scarf?
Boys' Clubs Are Back At British Universities -- Why?
Women Hate Their Bodies About As Much As Men Love Sex
Hair Model Citizen: Ashley Greene Loses The Length
Woman Destroys Her Boyfriend's XBox And Posts The Vid On YouTube
I Like Your Dress -- I Mean, Your Coat -- I Mean, Your Dress That Looks Like A Coat
Let's Talk About Testicles
New Favorite TV Show: "Dinner With The Band"
Agent Provocateur's Heloise Corset Might Drive Men Away (Or Impale Them)
Woman Getting Married: Wedding Porn
Get Your Mitts Off My Boobs, Santa!
Football Losses Linked To Uptick In Domestic Violence
15 Things A Woman Can Do And Still Call Herself A "Feminist"
"The Diary Of Suri Cruise" Is Sure To Spawn Outfit Envy
Quotable: Jon And Kate Sign Off (For Good, We Hope)
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