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Dress Up Your Downstairs
Forget Significant Others, Give Yourself A Valentine's Day Present
Hot Outta The Oven: Class Up Your Super Bowl Menu
Slideshow: Life Lessons We've Learned From TV
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For January 31st-February 1st 2009
Quickies!: How Old Is Ali Lohan!? And Nick Lachey Speaks Out About Jessica's Weight
Friday Cuteness: Kittens Going For A Ride On A Roomba!
Poll: Which Football Player Is The Most Desirable?
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of January 30th 2009
Is It Her Rape Fantasy Or His?
Crave: 1928 Jewelry
Science Class: Your Hymen and You
Dude Awakening: Guy's Guide To The Super Bowl
Scarlett Johansson Wishes She Was 10 Years Older!
Doin' It With Dr. V: The Uncut Man
Blonde Hair Could Help You Get Through The Recession
Testes Delight: Have A Ball With These Recipes
The Obamas Are Bringing Sexy Back To Marriage
In Bed With ... The Killers' Brandon Flowers
Style On The Street: Jumpers For Adults
Star Couplings: Katie Holmes Buckles, But Doesn't Fall Under Tom Cruise's Watchful Eye
The Perfect T-Shirts For Every Kind of Valentine's Day
The Calvin Klein Orgy Commercial That's Too Hot For (American) TV
What Are Your Rules For Friendship On Facebook?
Quickies!: Barack Obama Does Some Of The "Single Ladies" Choreography
Trend Watch: Pregnant Brides On The Rise
Five Reasons Why We'd Love An Obama Baby
Replacements For Domino Magazine
The Five Support Groups We Really Need In This Day And Age
Science Says I've Found My Mate
Crave: Blik Byebi Wall Graphic
Superbowl Commercials: Bring On The Hot Hunks
Among President Obama's First Orders: Casual Weekend Attire
Girl Talk: Damnit, I Need A Man
Seven Couture Trends That Are In Your Closet
Real Chick Lit: “What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories”
Does Sex Get Better When You're In Love?
Poll: Which Action Star Is The Most Desirable?
Ask The Astrosexologist: I'm Dating A Crazy Libra!
I, Woman Robot
Star Couplings: Michelle Obama Pregnancy Rumors!
Dating Don'ts: How NOT To Get Played
Yes, Folks, These Are Scary Times
An Open Letter To Jessica Simpson
Slideshow: The Frisky's Favorite Plus Sized Pin Ups
Liveblogging "American Idol"
Quickies!: Michelle Obama Has Beef With Beyonce?
Poll: Which Famous Gay Man Is The Most Desirable?
Jennifer Aniston Takes Her Clothes Off, Just Not For Playboy
Whoopi Makes Love To Broccoli
Fashion Slideshow: Brooches
Would You Pay For Love In A Recession?
Mary Rambin Responds: We've Failed (As Women) Too!
Is Pink The New Black For Men?
Crave: Catherine Rapetti Single Love Knot Bracelets
I Bang The Worst Dudes
Revealed: Guys' Secret Porn Folders!
Slideshow: Music Videos Inspired By Movies Or TV
Is That A Sex Toy In Your Egg Carton?
Jon Hamm's "30 Rock" Character Loves To Bake
Just Do It ... For Guys
Goodbye, Domino
Mind Of Man: I Am Not A "Sensitive Guy"
Friend Custody: Who Gets Whom After A Breakup?
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: When Does Dating Evolve Into BF/GF Territory?
Star Couplings: What Was Behind The Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy Split?
PETA's Too Hot For TV Superbowl Ad
If Women Feel Most Beautiful At 32, What Happens At 33?
Quickies!: WTF! Evan Rachel Wood And Mickey Rourke Kissed, Plus Never-Ending Orgasms
Nice Heels, Dude
What Turns Women On? Women Confess Their Secret Sexual Fantasies
Frisky Rant: Should Women Use Sex As A Power Tool In Relationships?
Sarah Palin's Wardrobe: $180,000 Sitting In Trash Bags
Slideshow: Divorce Gag Gifts
Crave: "The Secret Life Of Bees" DVD
Trends For Men: Garter Belts To Hold Up His Thigh-Highs!
Can You Continue A Relationship With Your Ex's Loved Ones?
Quick Pic: Matching Hair
Multiple Baby Births May Become A Thing Of The Past
Rihanna And Chris Brown's New Single, Plus Seven Other Duets
Love Vandal: Young Love
The Biggest Lies We're Told About Sex
Fail: Mary Rambin Compares Cosmetic Surgery To Abortion
Japanese Companies Shorten Workdays So Employees Can Procreate
Who Should Prince Harry Date Next?
Quick Pic: High-End Origami
Star Couplings: One Of The Spice Girls Is Engaged
Quick Pic: Knox And Brad Share The Same Taste In Hats!
Dating Drama: The Ex-Boyfriend Blues
Does Alcohol Make Men Better In The Bedroom?
Liveblogging "The Bachelor" January 26th 2009
Quickies!: J.Lo Is Preggers, Kanye Changes His Name & Mickey Rourke Is A Wrestler -- For Real!
Sneezing Fetishes, Say What?
The Fashion World Salutes Our New President
I Wanna Dress Like: Mary Poppins
How To Make Your Rack The Center Of Attention
Poll: Which Barely Legal Babe Is The Most Desirable?
Ugh, More "Charlie's Angels"
Crave: Lush Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
Sasha and Malia Obama Look-A-Likes
Put A Fork In It: Marriage Is Dying
Girl Crush: Freida Pinto
The Monogamist: Retaining Your Individuality When You're Part Of A "We"
Study Says Makeover Shows Make Us Feel Bad
Chris Rock Knows "Good Hair"
Is This Mannequin MP3 Player Sexist?
Dealbreaker: The Life of the Party
Recession Special: Virgin For Sale
Against Cheating: A Man's Perspective
Star Couplings: Rachel McAdams Trades Ryan Gosling For Another
For The Week Of January 26-February 1, 2009
Can A Woman Write Porn And Still Call Herself A Feminist?
Would You Wear These Shoes?
Sundance's 15 Movies To Look Forward To
Poll: Which Of These Mega Star Hotties Is The Most Desirable?
How To Buy Affordable Art
The New It Girls
Girl Talk: Why I Love My Gray Hair
How To Take A Great Picture
First Look: Alexander McQueen For Target
The New And Improved Tom Cruise
Party Girl: Throw A Chinese New Year Soiree!
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For January 24-25th 2009
Quickies!: Vogue Trashes Sienna Miller, Oscar Movies Leaked Online, & NeNe And Kim Are BFF's Again
Poll: Which Musician/Rapper/Singer Is The Most Desirable?
How To Save Money On Dry Cleaning
Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of January 23rd 2009
Grey's Anatomy: Can You Really Break A Penis?
Crave: Sunny Seed Drops
Quote Of The Day: Drew Barrymore On Her Romantic Comedy Rut
Is Your Breath Smooch-Worthy?
And The Obama Copycats Begin...
Obama Used For Anti-Choice Ad
Does He Use Pronouns In His Text Messages? That's A Good Sign
Doin' It With Dr. V: Exercising Your Kegels
Poll: Which Older Man Is The Most Desirable?
Malia And Sasha Obama Know What They Like, Fashion-Wise
Debate This: Would You Exchange Sex For Money?
Fashion Slideshow: Fringe Benefits
Did You Cheat On Your Boyfriend While On Vacation?
The Beyonce Spoofs Continue
Star Couplings: Lily Allen's Naughty Confession
What You Never Knew You Needed: Noodle Eater Hair Guard
The Obamas Are Into WHAT???
Quickies!: Brad Forgot To Zip His Fly, The U.K.'s Best Mommy & Kanye Wants To Do Bisexual Porn
Perfumers Find Inspiration In Odd Places
What Will Be Your Style In The Spring?
Style On The Street: Don't Match, Blend
Ty Makes Sasha And Malia Dolls
What's It Like To Have A Mom Who Sells Sex Toys? Find Out Soon On TLC
How To Know When A Trend Has "Jumped The Shark"
Frisky Scoop! Katy Perry Isn't Taking A Celibacy Vow
Crave: Arabella Venus In Furs Necklace
Nutty Jewelry To Feed Your Peanut Addiction During The Salmonella Outbreak
The Five Stupidest Studies Of The Week
Blog For Choice: What Is Your Pro-Choice Hope For President Obama?
8 Hideous Celeb Hairstyles
Mrs. Obama To Do Fashion Week?
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilke Head To School
Poll: Which Sexy/Ugly Guy Is The Most Desirable?
Mind Of Man: I Might Be A Sexist
Ask The Astrosexologist: Should I Stay With My Alcoholic Libra Boyfriend?
Dating Don'ts: How NOT To Discuss Love
Caroline Kennedy Takes Herself Out Of The Senate Race
Star Couplings: No More Kissing Boys OR Girls For Katy Perry
Should Michelle Obama Get A Salary As First Lady?
Are You An Internet Snoop?
Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience Screens At Sundance
Quickies!: White House Sex, Aretha's Inaugural Hat, Unabomber Role Play
Poll: Which Actor Is The Most Desirable?
Fashion Week Downsized
Inauguration Day Missed Connections
Crave: Lace Headwraps
Fantasies We Hope Never Come True
Five Things You Should Know About Jason Wu
Say Goodbye To Bush In More Than One Way
Us Weekly Flip-Flops On Celebrity Diets!
In Bed With ... Matthew Fox
Inaugural Memories Could Lead To Tattoo Regret
How Michelle Obama's Fashion Choices Reflect Her Husband's Politics
Recession Romance: 12 Ways To Save Money Together
Enough With All The Hugging Already!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Are You A Feminist?
Star Couplings: J.Lo & Marc Anthony Are So Happy Together OMG!
Making A Fresh Start In The New Year
What The Critics Are Saying About Michelle Obama's Inauguration Fashions
Would You Date A Man Who Wears These Shoes?
At Last: The Obama's First Dance
The Moment You've All Been Waiting For: Michelle Obama's Inauguration Night Gown
Quickies!: D-Listers Invade Sundance, Facebook Causes Political Controversy, & A Political Courtship
She’s Like The Wind: “Dirty Dancing” Lift Machine
Style Slideshow: First Lady Fashion
Show Your O-Face For Obama
Love Vandal: Drippy Paint
Fashion Slideshow: Kate Winslet
Frisky Rant: Is The Male Lesbian Fantasy Messing With Women's Sexuality?
Poll: What Color Dress Will Michelle Obama Wear On Inauguration Night?
Crave: Yes We Can: Barack Obama's History Making Presidential Campaign
Sasha Fierce: What Recession?
Britney Really Is Just Looking For "Amy," Really
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