What Epitomized Style In The ’00s Decade

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While we have a fairly clear idea of what elements costume historians can look to when it comes to recreating the ’50s, ’60s and even more recent decades, maybe it’s too early for us to agree on the cohesive, sartorial silhouette of the ’00s. In fact, we didn’t realize it until we looked back on what emerged to be a rather sordid affair and then concluded that we might simply be too traumatized. Does it scare the bejesus out of us that the decade brought us gaggles of dudes in trucker caps and girls in velour leisure suits (thank you, unlikely style icons Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton), hipster style for the masses, some seriously tight pants, as many “it bags” as there were celebutantes and, well, at the end of the day, left us all with a big rubbery taste in our mouths, courtesy of Crocs? But let’s not dwell on the negative, folks. Sure, there were highs, and there were certainly lows, but hopefully we can all agree that there was never a dull style moment.
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