How To Make Your Hair And Makeup Last All Night

The usual New Year’s Eve conundrum—you go out looking hot, hair and makeup fixed just so, and by the time midnight rolls around your ‘do is a frizz-ball mess (or a flat mess, depending) and your eye shadow is half-way down your face. Rather than constantly running to the bathroom for touch-ups and carrying a whole case of makeup and hair sprays/clips/etc. in your purse, why not make things easier on yourself this year with a bit of pre-party prep? A few stay-put tips, after the jump!

  • Use primer. I know, I know—who actually owns primer, let alone uses it? Well, not many of us, but if there were ever a night to use it, this is it. Primer under your makeup will help everything stay where you put it, despite your tendency to sweat and dance around. Try Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.
  • It’s all or nothing: Wear bright lips colors or go totally nude. Extremely bright color wears well over the course of a night, because even though it fades, you still get plenty of pop. And when red lipstick is semi-sheer it works well, too. Not into the brights? Go with nude colors — the fading is way more subtle and not as noticeable. Don’t want to deal with any sort of lipstick fade-age? Choose to play up your eyes instead and throw on a nude gloss.
  • Stains are best. Since they soak into your skin rather than lay on top of it, they’re smudge-proof. I love Benefit’s Posietint; it’s a softer pink therefore is a bit more forgiving when you apply it.
  • Fragrance-wise be sure to provide a solid foundation by applying a touch of petroleum jelly, jojoba oil, or an unscented lotion before spraying—fragrance doesn’t take well to dry skin. And avoid dabbing your wrists together after spritzing on perfume; it can alter the chemical structure of the fragrance, and cause it to not develop properly.
  • As for hair: It sounds obvious, but unless you’re doing an up-do, wash your hair that same day. Excess oils will weigh down anyone’s hair near the night’s end. Another good trick to getting squeaky clean hair? Brush it out before shampooing—sweeping a comb or brush through your hair before washing it actually loosens dirt and/or product buildup (the very stuff that screws with the volume and body you want!).
  • Going for curls? We’ve mentioned this trick before, but to hold and keep your curl longer all you have to do is switch to a smaller-barreled curling iron.
  • For instantly pumped-up, flip-able hair, start off your night with hot rollers—yes, hot rollers. They may sounds old-school, but when you spritz your strands with a bit of volumizing spray before placing the larger rollers into sections of your head, it’ll last. Let them cool and work their magic as you are getting ready (applying that primer!) and remove just before you walk out the door for maximal lift.
  • And a last-ditch trick: For an instant, mid-evening hair lift, simply flip your part from one side of your head to the opposite.