Decode My Dream: I Keep Having Sex Dreams About My Co-Worker!

“I keep having the same sex dream over and over again. I recently started a new job and while I’m a happily married swinger; I find myself wanting sex with one of the heads at my company. I’ve had the same dream for the last two weeks and now find that I can’t look him in the eye. They always take place in his office and I have to say that I have never actually been in it; just walked by a few times and yes, have definitely thought about having sex on his desk. Well, in my dream — we do! Over and over again and in every position imaginable. He knows who I am by face in real life, but I don’t think he knows my name. I don’t mind having the dreams, except when I wake up in the morning I find my panties wet and my husband telling me that I was moaning all night and he hopes it was about him. What does this mean? Any chance the object of my dreams’ affection is feeling/dreaming the same as I am? Please help!” – Working Girl

Having a sex crush can be a great way to pass the workday (and nights in your case). Chances are this dream is as simple as a good-old fashioned attraction to your boss. Yes, you most likely want to have sex with him. And whether or not you make this dream a reality is up to you, your husband, and your boss. Although I would advise exercising extreme caution before proceeding ahead with any kind of involvement with him (for all of the obvious reasons).

All real logistics aside, in the case of sex dreams, I would ask, “Why are you having sex with this person specifically and what might they represent?” Sometimes in dreams we are getting it on with someone we find sexy in real life, but oftentimes it’s with someone we are not attracted to in the least. Sex is a merger of bodies and identities. So what qualities about your boss might you want to inhabit more in your own life and career? Power? Success? Leadership? For example, I had a friend who was complaining about a particularly repulsive string of sex dreams about her boss, who she hates. After exploring the dreams some more, she realized that the dreams were really about how the two of them had opposite work styles that complemented each other. Once she got passed disliking him so much, she realized that they made a good team and was, of course, totally relieved when the sex dreams stopped.

The frequency and intensity of these dreams indicate that they may also be a commentary about how passion, drive, and desire manifest themselves in your life. I don’t know what you do for a living or how fulfilled you feel by it, but the fact that you are having reoccurring dreams about having sex with your boss makes me think you have an extreme attitude about work. Either you feel “orgasmic” about it or you wish you did. And how does your work life compare to your home life? Is it equally fulfilling? How are they unbalanced?

Finally, I know this is a new job for you – so, screwing the boss night after night may just be indicative of your desire to do a good job at work and become a valuable part of the company.

A word of advice: If you can see past your actual sexual desire for your boss to the essence of your attraction to him, there will be a valuable message waiting for you. Good luck.

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