5 Ways To Update That Old Party Dress Without Spending A Dime

Spent all your dough on presents and now you’re stuck wearing that same old dress again on New Year’s Eve? Yeah, me too. But you know, it doesn’t have to be all business, er, party dress, as usual. We’re gonna turn that fancy outfit into something so fresh, peeps will be asking us where we got those fab duds thanks to these tips that won’t cost a dime! And don’t worry, girl, it’ll be our little secret.

  1. Trick Out Your Shoes. What you’ve got on your feet really makes the outfit. So, do them up! Borrow your Grandma’s clip-on earrings and put them on your pumps. Hot glue some of your own bold earrings or even stitch some beads onto your shoes. Or, FYI: If your high heels are made out of a synthetic leathery material, patent or not, you can spray-paint them. For instance, if you want to make the heel silver, you can just put painters tape around the rim and spray away. Best part is, spray paint dries in no time.
  2. Cover Up. Throw a jacket on. I’m all about my cropped leather motorcycle one, but you can also grab your BF’s blazer, a faux fur stole, or even your denim jacket, push the sleeves up and call it a night! Bonus points if you work in a scarf.
  3. Accessorize! Add a belt, slip into some seamed stockings, wear opera gloves, use a bowtie as a necklace, throw on a party hat. Heck, attach that sparkly vintage pin you inherited onto a headband. Accessorizing an outfit isn’t just about jewelry. Although …
  4. Dress It Up. Add some bling-bling with glitter makeup and jewelry. After all, you haven’t been saving your prom set for nothing. But you don’t want to look dated, so layer with trendy pieces. For example, use your fave 16” charm necklace, then add a long chain one. That look is so totes what all the rich girls are wearing on “Gossip Girl.”
  5. Dress It Down. Wear boots or sparkly sneakers and cropped funky tights. If the bottom is poofy, wear it as a skirt by tucking the top under it and then throw a sweet rock t-shirt on. Sha-bam, you’re the sexy gal next door!