4 Celebrities Women Respect And Men Hate

clooney couple m jpg
It goes without saying that men and women respect and admire different celebrities, and for differing reasons. For instance, women might find the humanitarian efforts of actresses like Salma Hayek commendable and heartwarming, while men think Harrison Ford is awesome in any of his movies where stuff explodes.

What men won’t often admit is that there’s a certain group of celebrities that we hate with a fiery passion, and it’s the same group of celebrities that women tend to appreciate and canonize. In the interest of gender communications though, I’ll gladly share their names. Here’s a look at four celebrities who women would gladly take advice from and men would gladly throw into oncoming traffic.

And by the way, in order to try to convey the male gender’s hatred for these celebrities, I have devised a system based on celebrities that both men and women hate.

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