The Fashion Peacekeepers: We’ve Seen Worse On Leighton Meester

Sometimes we feel like Us Weekly‘s “The Fashion Police” and other similar style critics can be a tad harsh. Also, they tend to have these really boring, conservative styles and we have to wonder what their real fashion credentials are. (Case in point: US Weekly‘s “Top Cops” include random comedian Stefanie Novik and Chet Cannon of “The Real World, Brooklyn.” When did they ever go to design school!?) The Fashion Peacekeepers are here to say, hey, can’t everyone’s styles just get along?

While we personally would likely shy away from this complicated, chest-baring, mullet-skirted concoction when making our own red carpet appearances, we will give Leighton Meester’s recent party outfit this much: That getup is a great improvement on this one, so you know, she’s got that going for her.